Your Influence Could Be the Spiritual Life or Death of a Teen

Have you ever felt God was calling you to help a young person in need? Have you ever felt God would use you to help teens experience God’s love and forgiveness? Your response to this letter can be the spiritual life or death of a teenager. Let me explain . . .
The pressure to conform to the new morality is transforming America’s teens. More than half of young adults in the US believe astrology and horoscopes are scientific. Witchcraft services grew 2% in the last five years. America is in a moral tailspin as society promotes promiscuity among teenagers. Even the schools and the military are accommodating the gay and transgender agenda. What used to be immoral behavior is now celebrated as completely normal and those who would appose this lifestyle from a Biblical perspective are considered out of touch and hateful.
Many parents are so busy trying to make a living, they have little time to spend with their children. The divorce rate is growing at an alarming rate. Many kids who come to the Teen Quest Ranch are products of broken homes. A growing number of kids arrive at the Ranch with lots of baggage.
Debbi is counseling a girl right now who is pregnant with twins due to rape. Her mother is dead and she hates her father. She wants to do right and is seeking help from Deb because she has little positive influence in her life.
Cutting is a growing problem among teens. A camper arrived with her razors in hand. She had been cutting on a regular basis. The caring girls in her cabin, along with her prayerful counselor took her into their hearts preventing her from further harm. She is relying on God’s power to keep her safe and she is growing in Him.
Being a teen in today’s world can be very difficult. The ministry of Teen Quest exists to help these kids. For 41 years we have been telling teenagers about God’s love and forgiveness and they ARE listening.
A few weeks ago 50 teenagers walked to the front of the stage to make a commitment to Christ during our youth rally at the Teen Quest Ranch. I wish you were there to see what God is doing as Chad, our youth speaker, challenged kids to surrender to Christ. Here is what one teenager had to say about his experience during our recent camp.
“Chad is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard a lot.  He related to just about everyone and is very moving!  Hearing him speak again this weekend reminded of the choices I made at camp this summer.   To live completely for Jesus . . .and to have a daily quiet time.  God is Awesome!”
This is not a one-time occurrence; This has been happening over and over at our camps in 2017. Teens have been flooding the altar seeking God’s love and forgiveness. They want answers and we are giving The Answer to them – Jesus Christ.
41 years ago, God spoke to Debbi and me about doing something to reach students for Christ and that is why we started Teen Quest. Today, we are still telling teens about Christ and they are coming from places all over the East Coast. In fact, God is sending thousands of people to the Teen Quest Ranch so we can tell them about God’s love and forgiveness. Our Teen Quest 2018 goals to reach kids in this rapidly changing culture are-

THE FORGOTTEN CITY (Four weeks of missions)
This summer we are ministering in the poorest city in Pennsylvania with the disadvantaged and elderly. (Johnstown- I call the Forgotten City) We will share the gospel to young and old alike in this needy city in the park, nursing homes, and children’s homes throughout the city.

CHINESE OUTREACH (60+ students )
We will also have the opportunity to share Christ with more than sixty kids coming from China’s public schools to the Teen Quest Ranch again this summer. We will hand out Bibles and freely talk to Chinese students about Christ. Last summer 21 students from China came to know Christ as their Savior.

HURRICANE RELIEF (Three projects)
We have been helping a poor Haitian Church in Florida recover from Hurricane Irma by replacing a damaged roof. We will finish this project and help two others places who have asked for our help during our mission outreach this winter.

WEEKEND AND SUMMER CAMPS (46 different camps)
Snow camps, summer camps, day camps, spring, and fall camps are opportunities to reach kids who have never heard a clear message of Christ. (Students pay only half of what it really costs to attend camp and many come on sponsorships.)

DISCIPLESHIP (1500 students)
We will continue teaching students how to grow in their faith, lead their friends to Christ, disciple their friends, do a daily quiet time, memorize scripture as we fulfill the Great Commission mandated in Mark 16:15.

Our First Challenge to You – Help us in our outreach to these students with the largest year-end donation you can give to Teen Quest.
Our Second Challenge to You – Partner with us as a Priority Club member investing $50 or more $____ per month in 2018. (No amount is too small.)
Your response to this letter can be the spiritual life or death of a teenager. Your positive response will provide the tools we need to continue this strong outreach to teenagers. I want to thank you in advance for your partnership with us
Yours for Youth,
Mark & Debbi Witt
P.S. Beginning in January, hundreds of students will come to the Teen Quest Ranch for one of our Snow Camp weekends. We’re expecting teens to surrender to Christ during those camps. Your year-end gift will make a difference. When you join the Priority Club, you will be helping kids month after month in the upcoming year.

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