Will You Become a Camp Booster Today?



Will you become a Camp Booster today?
will you help in “in a time of need” 




                                                                                                           April 2018

This summer we are expecting a great spiritual awakening among teens at the Teen Quest Ranch.  However, there are many young people throughout the East Coast who will be unable to attend unless they receive partial or full scholarship assistance.  THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

Since 1979 Teen Quest has been reaching students for Christ in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Everything changed when we purchased the Teen Quest Ranch in Somerset Pennsylvania in 2001. Students began coming from other states and today God is sending young people to the Teen Quest Ranch from China, Taiwan and possibly Vietnam.  God has been opening the doors as we follow Him in making disciples.

We are just two months away from the greatest opportunity we have for reaching students for Christ. Teen camps, kids camps and mission opportunities are just around the corner and many are coming to the Teen Quest Ranch for a week that will change their life.

We have a wonderful opportunity, even a responsibility, to make it possible for young people full of potential, but who are wrestling with spiritual issues, dealing with weighty problems, yet hindered by financial need to be able to attend our summer camping programs –  Teen Super Charge and Kid’s Camp.

This summer God has also opened the door for Teen Quest to train teams of students to do mission work to the poor of Johnstown Pennsylvania.  During four separate weeks this summer we will train teenagers to be missionaries.  They will learn how to share their faith, how to have a quiet time, how to disciple, how to reach the broken and hurting and how to fix, repair and build. The students will work with a poor or elderly family in the inner city of Johnstown. They will fix, paint, build, clean and more.  The evenings we will go to the parks, children’s homes and nursing homes to tell many about Christ.

It has always been our passion to make our summer camps and mission opportunities available to every young person who wants to attend, regardless of their ability to pay.  THAT’S WHY YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICAL!       We’ve established the Camp Booster Fund as a way for friends to help young people from needy families and keep the camp affordable, making up the difference between what it costs and what students pay so they can experience all the excitement of our summer camping program – where students have been making salvation and dedication decisions since 1978.

It costs only $359 to send one student to camp for a week.  (We are one of the most affordable camps in the East Coast.)  It’s such a small investment to make in a life!  Many financially needy campers come from homes where the Gospel has never been shared with them. What an awesome opportunity to share the Good News with those who desperately need it!

It is a well-known fact that most people who give their lives to Christ, do so before they become adults.  Camping and mission opportunities create that special environment where the Word of God is clearly taught daily by Spirit – filled teachers and lived out by caring counselors and staff members.  I never cease to be amazed how the Spirit of God takes the Word of God and draws the hearts of young people to the One who came to give them life.

Travis was a ministry team member who found Christ at Teen Quest’s Super Charge in 1996. He grew in Christ and joined our Vizion drama/music troupe, traveling throughout the Western Pennsylvania Area proclaiming Christ.  Travis traveled with us to Jamaica to build homes for the poor in 2000.  I’ll never forget watching him share Christ with young boys who were incarcerated in a prison we visited.   For many years Travis served on staff with Teen Quest and today he has a dedicated Christian wife, two children and works for a national ministry.  Camp Boosters made it possible for Travis to be involved when he was a teenager.

Lindys’ grandmother brought her to the Teen Quest Ranch about 15 years ago.  She gave her life to Christ at the Ranch and has never looked back.  Today, she and her husband volunteer on weekends and engage in a vital ministry with students.  Camp Boosters made it possible for Lindy to camp at Teen Quest when she was a kid.

The greatest investment you can make for a teen is being a Camp Booster– helping a kid come to camp.  We know you are committed to the mission of bringing young people into a growing relationship with Christ.  A transformational relationship with Christ is what happens when young people attend camp at the Teen Quest Ranch.

Many students have been able to come to camp throughout the years because of friends like you who gave to the Camp Booster Fund.  More than three thousand students attend our year-round camps each year.  Research shows that among Christian adults who are actively practicing their faith, their most common and significant spiritual formational experience was attending a Christian camp as a teen.

Your gift today, of any size, will join with the gifts of other Teen Quest friends to help even more students to attend camp this summer by making it affordable.  Only God knows and eternity will reveal the significance of your investment in kids’ lives!

Enclosed is a Camp Booster coupon for you to return with your gift.  WILL YOU HELP US BY BECOMING A CAMP BOOSTER TODAY?  Before you decide what you can do to help send these students to camp – Please stop and pray about what God would have you do.  Maybe you could even commit to pray about it for a couple of days before you respond.  We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours for youth,

                                        Mark & Debbi Witt


P.S.  Please return your Camp Booster coupon with your gift today to help needy teens and pre-teens attend camp and keep camp affordable for others, be exposed to the Gospel and have an awesome week of fun and excitement.  Thank you for giving them the opportunity of a lifetime!



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