Looking for a Volunteer Opportunity of your lifetime?
We’ve got it – Right here at the Teen Quest Ranch ~

Volunteers are the backbone of Teen Quest.  

We value you as priceless.  

We have many needs at Teen Quest and can not do it alone.   We welcome volunteers to our Teen Quest team on a regular basis.  The Ranch has been built primarily by volunteers who see the need to reach kids for Christ.   If you would like to join our team as a volunteer, please contact us.

It doesn’t matter what age you are.  “Frosty” was in his eighties as he sat next to homesick campers comforting them. He shared the love of Christ with lots of guys and girls at camp.   The students, whether 8 or 16 years old related to “Frosty” and he had quite a spiritual impact.  Maybe that is what your gift is.   Maybe your gift is service.  We’ve got you covered.  There are many areas in which to volunteer at the Teen Quest Ranch and we need YOU!

Call or email us today and we’ll sign you up for one of the most rewarding times of your life.  It can be one day, a season or you can make this one of your on-going  ministries… reaching students for Christ.

Email: quest@teenquest.org
Phone: 814-444-9500
Fax: 814-444-8664
Mail: Teen Quest, 293 Rich Road, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

We are currently looking for volunteers:

Ranch grass cutters in the summer months
Help with our many mailings
Horse wranglers
Weekend camp counselors
A warm heart and caring burden for campers –