“Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called faithful and true…”                   Revelation 19: 11

The way I see it, if Jesus returns on a horse, with His army on horseback, then the horse is pretty important to God.
At Teen Quest, I have seen the full spectrum of people’s relationships with this majestic animal the horse.  People will ignore, admire from a distance, be in total fear, or feel an all time rush of pleasant emotions while riding a horse along our beautiful scenic trails. There are many things that we can learn from horses, but to understand them, first we need to understand the nature of man and the nature of horses.
I have seen in horses the ability to aid in healing, enthrall, captivate and send riders into complete unmitigated terror.   Horses can teach us a lot about ourselves, how we view life and how we handle it.  Our relationship with the One who created horses can even be strengthened.  To understand ourselves, and what horses can do for us, we first need to understand the nature of man, and the nature of horses.
In the natural world, horses are prey, and we are predators. The survival of a horse depends on a heightened awareness of its environment. Our survival depends on dominating and overtaking our environment.   A horse’s survival depends on bolting at the first sign of danger.  Our survival depends on overcoming the challenges that come our way.
We are stewards of the earth, and of all creatures, and our interactions with creation will determine a positive or negative outcome. Becoming knowledgeable on how to communicate with a horse is our responsibility, especially if we wish to get on it’s back and ask it to carry us safely to our destination.
To take the time to learn the way of the horse will enable us to enjoy all the hidden treasures a horse can teach us. The first concern of the horse is survival. It’s survival depends on keen observation of it’s surroundings, and safety. They read the environment in terms of “safe” or “not safe”. When we step into their world and become their leader, we tell them what is safe or not safe. Are you afraid? Then there must be a lion lurking in the bushes. Are you angry at them? Then you must be something to fear. Are you going to hurt them?  Then they must survive at all costs.
To be safe with a horse, man, as stewards of the earth, must be a courageous and protective leader.  It is up to us to show that there is nothing to fear, and lead the horse with understanding and strength.
When you think about it, isn’t this what we should show the people God has placed in our lives? Imagine if a horse can teach us how to relate to people and our surroundings in such a way that we are authentic and positive. Imagine if we were leading rather then being led.
This is exactly what a horse can teach us.  If you would like to have a better relationship with yourself, others and your world, stay tuned for more on, “The Way of the Horse”.
Teen Quest’s herd is ready and waiting.  We have awesome trails and we ride year-round during camps, events and Extreme Days, (afternoons of pure fun) to enable you to give students a healthy balance of fun and challenge from the Word.
We can help you with your own event or you can join our program and we do it all for you.
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