“Because you are sons, God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts, the Spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.” So you are no longer a slave, but a son; and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir.” Galatians 4:6 &7
 -New International Version

Katrina King

Katrina King never had the opportunity to meet her father. He was murdered before she was born. But through her trials and tribulation she found hope in God, who has been her strength.
“My mother, Susan Jones, had given him [her father, Jeff King] the ultimatum, drugs or us,” Katrina said. “He chose us and went to rehab.”
Unfortunately, after getting clean, Katrina’s dad decided to get high one last time while the family left for the weekend.
“He purchased cocaine but went back to the dealer because he wasn’t satisfied,” Katrina said. “The drug dealer shot and murdered him.”
This took a toll on her mother. She lost her fiancé two months before their wedding and was pregnant with their child [Katrina]. Plus, she lost the house she was renting.
After Katrina was born, the family moved in with their grandmother.
Katrina’s mother married Tim Jones, when Katrina was 6.

“Thing were great for a while, but then mom and Tim started fighting more and more,” Katrina said. “At some point they just stopped trying to hide it from us kids. I remember one fight clear as day. My sister and I shared a room that conjoined with our parent’s room. One night, screaming awakened me and I went to the door that connected our room with my parent’s room. I opened it to find Tim on top of my mom, holding her down by her throat. I remember just standing there watching. My mom looked at me and said, ‘Katrina go back in your room.’ I just closed the door, but I was terrified inside. The police ended up coming and taking me, my brother [Cory King] and my sister [Amanda Jones] to my aunt’s house for the night.”

The next day, Susan filed for divorce. Even though Tim was abusive to Katrina’s mom, it was hard for Katrina to see Tim go. He was the only father figure she had and he was taken away.
Throughout this time, Katrina began to build a relationship with Christ. She had been attending a Baptist church with her cousins. But she didn’t fully understand that Christ wanted to have a relationship with her and be the father figure she didn’t have.
It was there that Katrina prayed her first salvation prayer. But due to the lack of information about salvation, Katrina was confused.

Katrina reading the Bible to Cassandra at the Teen Quest Ranch

Susan later decided to transplant the family to California to be closer to her girlfriend, Zonya Jones. Katrina had a difficult time with this because she was used to being close to family. Plus, they had to leave her little sister behind so she could finish out her school year.
Later, the family had to move back to Virginia due to a legal issue pertaining to their youngest sister.

“This time when I started at this school, I had begun to build up a wall,” Katrina said. “I wouldn’t let anyone in because I was scared they were going to be taken from me again. The entire first year I was at that school, the majority of the students in my classes didn’t even know I could talk.”

Katrina started to resent her mother and became a rebellious teenager. She began hanging out with an unruly crowd in school.
Looking back on it, Katrina realized that God was with her throughout that time. Even though she hung out with drug dealers and partiers, she never got involved in their habits.
One day, Katrina’s friend invited her to a youth conference, which would transform her life.

Katrina working with Russell at Junior Ranchers, Teen Quest

“The second night of the conference had a speaker named Harvey Carrey. He spoke about looking to God as your father,” Katrina said, “how God’s the prefect father, one that won’t ever leave you. I had never heard God presented in that way and that really impacted me.”

That night Katrina rededicated her life to Christ. And Christ began to transform her life immediately. By the end of that week-long conference, Katrina had a complete turnaround.
“Within a week of being home I completely dropped all of my bad friends,” Katrina said.
Since then, Katrina has been an active member in the church. She has worked in the nursery, with the junior high kids, youth group and Bible studies.
Currently, she is a counselor at Teen Quest ranch, serving a greater purpose and influencing youth’s lives for Christ.

“I’m definitely not saying my life has been peachy keen ever since [she became a Christian], but it has been a lot easier,” Katrina explained. “Now, I have a constant in my life that will never leave me, no matter what. I have the most prefect father there ever was or will be. I’m an heir to a beautiful kingdom.”

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