June 2019

There are thousands of kids in your neighborhood and mine who have never had the opportunity to know Christ. There are thousands of students throughout our region who come from low income families that have never had an opportunity to receive spiritual training.  Many of these kids may not ever step foot in a church or a Bible study or a Sunday school class but will be attracted to attend camp.  These kids are who I call the “The Forgotten Kids”.

God has directed us as a ministry to never turn kids away because they cannot afford to pay to attend camps at the Teen Quest Ranch.  God says, “Whosoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward them for what they have done.”   Proverbs 19:17 We are just weeks away from summer camps . . .  Let me explain what I’m talking about:

During the month of June, we take teen mission teams to the inner city of Johnstown (Pennsylvania’s poorest inner city).  We work with poor and elderly families to fix, paint, clean, landscape and do much more.  We also evangelize in parks, neighborhoods, children’s homes and nursing homes.  Many of the kids we minister to in these neighborhoods have never had an opportunity to attend camp nor can they pay the $400 tuition for a week of camp.  They are “Forgotten Kids” that roam the streets day and night or kids that just don’t have any direction in life.

Last summer when we presented the opportunity for many of them to attend camp on a “needs” scholarship, they were so excited and came.  Several gave their hearts to Christ and began to grow in their faith.  This summer we are going to serve the poor of Johnstown again and kids from these neighborhoods are already signing up for summer camp.

Unlike most camps, more than 60% of students who came to the Teen Quest Ranch last summer were from underprivileged homes.  There is not a camp in America that can survive financially with this high percentage of non-paying “Forgotten Kids” but God has provided a way through our Camp Booster program.

A Camp Booster invests in kids.  Boosters donate an average of $75 keeping our summer ministry affordable by paying the difference of what kids can afford to pay and what it really costs for them to attend camp for a week at Teen Quest this summer.  A Key Camp Booster adopts a student by providing a full scholarship of $400 to send a “Forgotten Kid” to camp.

In our 43 years of ministry with Teen Quest, we have never seen the doors open so wide to present the gospel to so many spiritually hungry kids.  In fact, we have the opportunity this summer to reach more students for Christ than any time in our history.  Most of our campers will come from homes with no spiritual training and very little understanding of the Bible.  In other words, “the kids are ripe unto harvest”. Luke 10:2 says: “The harvest is great, but the laborers are few…”

Last summer 34 kids from China spent a week at the Teen Quest Ranch during teen camp.  Most of these students knew very little about God and the Bible.  After a week of basic training, 19 students including a teacher trusted Christ.  Being a Christian in China is a big deal, because of the religious persecution they face. Chinese kids are taking their commitment to Christ very seriously.

This past March 2019 we took a team to China.  We had the unique opportunity to go into the public schools in China.  Although we could not publicly talk about Christ in the schools, we were able to invite Chinese kids to America this summer where we will present a clear and simple message of Christ. We are so excited that 67 students and teachers from China have already signed up for our camp this summer.

The greatest gift you can make is investing in young people.  Their influence and future leadership can be transformational.

Amber came to the Teen Quest Ranch when she was 8 years old on a full scholarship from donations by Camp Boosters.  Amber has been with us for many years and this month, Amber is graduating from high school and plans to go to a Christian college.  You and I invested in Amber and now we are seeing the fruits of our investment and we give God the glory.

God has given us a great opportunity this summer to reach a generation of kids for Christ locally, across America and around the world.  There has never been a better time to invest in kids as today.

Will you join us in reaching kids for Christ by becoming a Camp Booster with a gift of $75 or whatever you can send? Or will you consider adopting a “Forgotten Kid”, providing a full scholarship by becoming a Key Camp Booster with a gift of $400?

Please help us to reach students for Christ with your prayers and special Camp Booster gift by filling out the attached prayer card along with your most generous Camp Booster donation.  Your prayers and investment will make an eternal impact on kids this summer. Thank you for investing in “Forgotten Kids”

Mark & Debbi Witt
Founders and Directors


Please become a Camp Booster by praying for the kids and helping to keep the camp affordable with a gift of $75 or your most generous gift.
A Key Camp Booster provides a full scholarship of $400 for a needy kid.  (We will send you a Key Camp Booster plaque to hang on your wall as a reminder of your generous sponsorship helping needy kids receive spiritual training at camp)




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