Teens and Social Media – When Will the Madness Stop?

I’m going to be unpopular saying this, but when are we going to stop giving our kids everything…. Even those things potentially harmful if not used properly.

We are allowing our children to grow up too fast.   Elementary students now have their own cell phones, computers and I imagine if there weren’t a law, some parents would allow them to drive themselves to their activities. (Maybe the last comment is a little too much.)

We had a cell phone policy at our Teen Quest camps for years. No Cell Phones!   About five years ago, we received so much grief from parents, we have had to change our rules. We now allow cell phones, but they must be put away during any class, activity or meeting. Some parents aren’t too happy about that either.
When is the madness going to stop?   We have created a dangerous world for our kids by allowing them to grow up too quickly. Their minds have not developed enough to be able to discern right and wrong when using these devices and it’s putting them in danger.

I know schools teach computers in kindergarten and I think that is a great idea.   It’s a must in today’s world.   Everyone needs to know how to use a computer. Assignments for class are often given online and are to be completed online in higher grades. But when did we begin thinking it is okay for a teen (and especially a younger child) to have their own unmonitored computer in their room?. . . with the door shut?

God has given us all these modern tools to spread the Gospel but Satan always finds a way to corrupt. He’s doing a good job of corruption.   Your child can go on any device and within a few seconds find pornography and many sites that are teaching philosophies you don’t agree with.

We are allowing our children to use these tools without maturity to think about the consequences.   Do they really have the ability to think through that what they put on their social media now could possibly come back to “bite” them later?

Teach your children how to use a computer responsibly.   Re-think about giving him a cell phone at an early age.  I realize kids learn devious methods around rules you set for social media, but don’t give up and ignore setting guidelines.  Begin when your child is young.

  1. Make sure computers in your home are in a visible area.
  2. Develop a time allowance for computer use.
  3. Parents should have all passwords.
  4. Have a policy: There is no privacy at this age!  “Anything you write or search on your devices can be checked anytime by mom and dad.”
  5. Most Importantly: Teach your children that God is present and with them always.

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