0752-Teen Quest Live Podcast – Things Not to Do to Win Your Husband For Christ

Many a times you as a believer are tempted to do many things to turn your husband to Christ but the things you try just turn him off to church and to Christianity

In today’s episode, Mark talks about 4 things not to do if you want to win your husband for Christ

  • Don’t try to reform his bad habits. Don’t try to change him, let God change his heart
  • Don’t pray about all your husband’s bad habits when you pray in a group
  • Don’t compare your husband to other husbands. God loves your husband and you must create an atmosphere where he’ll have the desire to find Christ

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0751-Teen Quest Live Podcast – Winning Your Husband For Christ

Many a times, a Man thinks church is for women and children, and so the believing wife tries different means to win her husband but only finds she’s turning him off.

In today’s episode Mark talks about how to win husbands for Christ

  • Preaching, nagging, scolding your kids, your husband, your wife just doesn’t work
  • Living a Godly Christian testimony with lots of prayer can make all the difference in the world
  • Your quietness can have a greater impact than what you say
  • How you live speaks louder than what you say

0743-Teen Quest Live Podcast – Who is In-Charge of Your Children?

God upholds, directs, governs everything according to his eternal purpose for his glory, and for the good of his people.

In today’s episode, Mark emphasizes that Parents must teach their children, that God is the real in-Charge of their lives.

  • Everything we do, say, hear or see should bring glory to God
  • God loaned our children, so that we can instruct our children Godly principles
  • Many parents are afraid of letting go of their children and they hold on so tightly

0737-Teen Quest Live Podcast – What Do You Do When Your Teen Does Not Take Your Advise?

A parent’s responsibility doesn’t fade away just because a teenager thinks he does not need the parent’s advise.

In this episode, Mark suggests parents ways to teach and advise their Teens

  • Find time to discuss the issue at hand
  • Discuss viable solution by giving the child more freedom
  • Its never too late to work out your relation with your teenager
  • Begin teaching at a young age when they are more teachable
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