0014 Teen Quest Live Podcast – Think Globally

What is your purpose in life? To make money, to be happy, to survive. I believe God has sent us here to make disciples to follow Christ. Many Christians live life without a purpose, they just flounder. Shouldn’t we be disciple making, leading folks to Christ? If you’re truly a Christian, should we be telling others about the Lord, helping…

0752-Teen Quest Live Podcast – Things Not to Do to Win Your Husband For Christ

Many a times you as a believer are tempted to do many things to turn your husband to Christ but the things you try just turn him off to church and to Christianity

In today’s episode, Mark talks about 4 things not to do if you want to win your husband for Christ

  • Don’t try to reform his bad habits. Don’t try to change him, let God change his heart
  • Don’t pray about all your husband’s bad habits when you pray in a group
  • Don’t compare your husband to other husbands. God loves your husband and you must create an atmosphere where he’ll have the desire to find Christ
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