14 Life Lessons From a Cowboy to Teach Your Students!

When I first starting volunteering at TQ, the last thing I expected to do was help with the Teen Quest horse program. Don’t get me wrong; I have always loved horses! I had horses when I was a kid, rode a lot as a youngster, some as an adult, and had as many bad experiences as good.

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Major Keys To Marriage

Relationship Goals: Major Keys to Marriage The next installment to the Relationship Goals series is talking about marriage and some major keys to make your marriage successful. For this episode, Pastor Mike Todd brings his wife, Pastor Natalie Todd, to help discuss these major keys! They lay out 4 major points that tie into the major keys to a successful…

The Myth Of Dating

Relationship Goals: The Myth of Dating This is the third installment to the Relationship Goals series that I have been tuning in to. This episode focuses on dating. The past two episodes have been about what needs to happen before you get into a relationship and now we are finally at the relationship itself. Pastor Mike Todd starts off talking…

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