Major Keys To Marriage

Relationship Goals: Major Keys to Marriage The next installment to the Relationship Goals series is talking about marriage and some major keys to make your marriage successful. For this episode, Pastor Mike Todd brings his wife, Pastor Natalie Todd, to help discuss these major keys! They lay out 4 major points that tie into the major keys to a successful…

0001 Teen Quest Live Podcast – Effects of Bullying and How to Prevent It

Effects of Bullying and How to Prevent It.  Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behavior. It involves a stronger individual or group using force on a weaker individual or group which causes physical and especially psychological effects on the person or group being bullied. The problem is,…

5 Tips to Advertise An Upcoming Youth Event

Let’s Make Youth Events the Best Ever! I hear a lot of youth leaders chatter that they can’t get their “kids” to do anything. They can’t get the numbers for a retreat or all-nighter.   Youth leading is just that – LEADING! Being in charge of a youth group means YOU are the one to make things happen.   Teens and pre-teens…

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