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Okay mom and dad – before you freak out – we know you love your son or daughter and want them around all summer (or at least we hope you do). But letting your teen get away for a week or two by themselves is a good thing. They can have fun – meet new people – and grow and develop as their own person. Not to mention the time they can spend getting to build their faith by hanging out with other teens and counselors who love God.

When you think of a vacation you might have images of lounging by the pool being lazy.  Not at Teen Quest!
We have more activities than you can shake a stick at to MAKE SURE you never get bored.

Our idea of a vacation is packing every day with fun games, contests, and activities.

If you are a teen, you don’t want to sit around all summer.  School’s  out and your friends are off doing cool things. You don’t want to be left out, do you?

Teen Quest summer camp is the place you as a teenager will love to take a vacation. We don’t let you get bored. It’s impossible not to make friends – have fun – and get a break from the day in and day out of your normal life.

Doing Camps Since 1979

And we’ve been at this a while. Teen Quest has been hosting teenagers and children at fun activity filled adventure camps since 1979. Giving teens a personal summer vacation they will never forget is our specialty.  Literally thousands of young people “grow up” each year at Teen Quest camps.

We keep talking about taking a personal teen vacation. But vacation from what? It’s your vacation from your parents and siblings. Sure – you love your mom – dad – brothers  – and sisters… but there comes a time in every teen’s life when you need to step out and be your own man or woman.

Your parents want this for you just as much as you do. Your parents want to see you grow and develop as a person, have an exciting fun filled week of adventure, deepen your faith in God, and meet other godly leaders and students your age who share your values and belief.  What mom or dad wouldn’t want you to take a vacation like that?

And summer camp is a great place to meet new friends. Teens come from all over the United States and other countries to attend our camps. So you are sure to meet friends that you will know for a lifetime.

We’ve also had many married couples meet at our camp. (Now don’t worry mom and dad) – We don’t push relationships while you are here. Our summer camp isn’t a dating service. We want you to have fun with a lot of people – both guys and girls – not spend your time one-on-one making googly eyes all day.  That would defeat the purpose of getting away to camp and making a bunch of new friends.

But it is a fact that summer camp is a great place to meet that special someone for the future. We have lots of stories of girls meeting guys or guys meeting girls as friends. Then based on that friendship – a few years go by – romance develops.  Several campers have even gotten married. Hey it happens. Thought we should let you know.

The reason you won’t have time to make googly eyes is we keep you moving from sun up to sun down with amazing activities – games – contests – events – and fun. We aren’t kidding. There is absolutely NO WAY you can get bored (or get yourself into trouble) while at Teen Quest Super Charge. Our counselors are there to make sure you have a fun in a safe environment and experience an adventure filled week packed with activities.

So what are these activities we keep raving about?

Here’s a list if you’re keeping notes:

What Others Have To Say:

Of course we think that Teen Quest Summer Camps are the best. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what parents, youth leaders, and former teen campers have to say:

“Your love for God is obvious, and your enthusiasm to minister to teens is refreshing. What you are able to accomplish with the students of our youth ministry is incredible. Thank you. We look forward so much to next year.”

~ B. W.   Youth Pastor

“Teen Quest reminded me of everything I needed to be reminded of. Camp reminded me that God is good all the time! So we have to trust Him even when we’re unsure of something. Camp really helped to remind me of that, in any situation God is there with you! ”    ~   M.M.  Counselor

“Going to Teen Quest was definitely my favorite part of the summer for the past two years that I have attended. To me, it’s a place where I can leave all of my worries behind and focus on God for a whole week. I have met some of my closest friends through Teen Quest, and I continue to keep in touch with them.

The whole week is always so fun, whether we were playing a game, or just hanging out. The counselors are also so amazing and very fun to talk to. They taught me so much about our Savior Jesus Christ and how much I am loved by Him.

My favorite part of Teen Quest was always the rallies we had at night. I always felt so close to God when I was worshiping Him with my fellow campers. Teen Quest was truly a blessing for me–it is a place where I could grow stronger in the Lord, as well as form stronger friendships with other Christians. I am very thankful to be able to experience it.”   ~H.O. Camper

What an amazing life changing week!”      ~ S.R.   Camper

How Much Does It Cost?

We know that camp can be tough for families to afford . So we’ve packed our week full of activities, fun, adventure and offer it at
Your overnight stays – all your meals – and activities are covered.  This is a pretty great deal considering other camps can cost over $1000 for one week.

Our camps do fill  and we don’t want you to be left at home while the fun is happening in Somerset this summer.

We are hoping to have enough space to allow everyone who wants to come.  But once all the spots are filled we will have to place you on a waiting list. Basically this means that if another teenager is unable to come, a spot will open up for you (usually at the last minute). But there are no guarantees this will happen. And if it does, there are usually other people on the waiting list in front of you. So paying your first month $39 is the only way to ensure that you will be able to come to camp this summer.

To make it even easier – you don’t have to pay the full amount right now.

Individuals can lock in their spot for this summer by paying a registration fee of $39 right now. This guarantees you will be able to come without having to shell out the entire camp fee up front.

Register now and pay the balance two weeks before you arrive.    Simple right?

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DATES: July 18 – 24, 2021

For Kids Camp (grade 2-5) click here

(Pay $39 now – balance due 2 weeks before camp)

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Don’t Miss The Most Exciting Summer Of Your Life.

To recap… you want to take a vacation this summer but you don’t want to be bored. We’ve got you covered on activities and meeting great new friends. All you need to do is get signed up to be here this summer. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Remember that in order to secure your spot and get the early bird special you need to register for summer camp early.

So what are you waiting for? Come up to Teen Quest this summer for the teen vacation of a lifetime.