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Overnight summer camping for kids was first established somewhere between the 1870s and 1880s in North America?

Camping was introduced just for older boys. There were no camps for girls until the early 20th Century. It was thought that boys were being robbed of their masculinity and they needed to learn to “rough it” to counterbalance that.

The 20th Century introduced camping to girls also. Children living in urban areas were given a chance to step outside of the heat and stench of the city into the great outdoors.

According to author Abigail Van Slyck -“It was thought that calling upon a long-standing conviction that a natural setting enhanced religious feeling(something already practiced at camp meetings attended by adults and family groups), many camps featured a spiritual component as well.”

Yep, you can “enhance religious feeling”, but along with that appreciation of God’s nature, we share Christ at every one of our camps, offering students a chance to complete themselves in Him and grow in His knowledge.

Camping is very different today. We are living in a new culture. At Teen Quest, we enjoy God’s great outdoors. We have changed this up a bit.“Campcraft”(i.e., skills needed to survive in the wild), nature study, manual training (later called arts and crafts), calisthenics, swimming, and a range of the other sports”different. We’ve added the Flying Squirrel, a 27-foot climbing wall, mini-golf, paintball, horses, disc golf, mountain boards, water tubing, and much more.

We are pulling kids into camping for today’s reasons –

1. Teens still from the city don’t get to experience a cloudless sky at night full of stars and the smells and wonders of the country. They need to experience God’s wonderful creation outside of concrete and buildings.

2. Physical activity and experiencing adventure and excitement away from cell phones and all things media is needed for development.

3. Independence in a safe, controlled atmosphere is also important to today’s teens and children.

4. Our number one reason for the existence of the Teen Quest Ranch, of course, is to introduce Christ to every one of our campers. We offer students a chance to complete themselves in Him and grow in His knowledge.

Yep, camping was and is important to the development of teens and children. Between my husband, Mark and myself, we have been involved in organized camping for over 105 years. Wow! That’s a lot of years, but it shows you how committed both of us are to camping.

Teens and pre-teens lives change through an encounter with Jesus Christ, learning new skills, gaining independence and meeting new friends.

Whether you are a youth leader or have children of your own, sign them up for camp. It is a life-changing experience.

At Teen Quest, we teach students how to live their faith, giving them tools to better spiritual lives during our many camps and events during the year. Students can plug in for fun, friends, and godly challenges from the Word of God at one of our camps.

We can help you with your own event or you can join our program and we do it all for you.

Contact us today and schedule your next upcoming fun! 814.444.9500

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