Soul Surfer – The True Story Of Bethany Hamilton [MOVIE REVIEW]


Soul Surfer Book Bethany HamiltonA true story, this movie is the story of pro-surfer Bethany Hamilton’s rise in the surfing  community and the drama she goes through after losing an arm to a shark.

Catching  the waves in her home state of Hawaii, Bethany trains hard to become top surfer in  competition. She’s on her way and is attacked by a shark.

Soul Surfer tells the story of Bethany’s faith in Christ and how it gives her strength  through the whole ordeal of learning to surf again.

Soul Surfer was released in 2011 but I still talk to friends who have not watched this  great movie.

Maybe they are thinking its just another teen surfing movie that’s fine for  middle schoolers on a lazy afternoon, but it’s really a great movie for the entire family.

I would recommend Soul Surfer to watch together in your youth group or as part of  family night.

We all can be influenced by the ideas presented in this movie of how to  approach tragedy when it strikes. We, at Teen Quest give students “tools” to live by as  they grow in their Christian walk.

Have you read Soul Surfer or have you seen the movie? What about the students in your youth group? Leave your throughts in the comments below.

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