[Snow Camp Review] Snow Camp 2013 – Week 7

We were really blessed to have everyone join us for Snow Cam last weekend.  A special thank you goes out to all the leaders that brought the teens.  We really appreciate everyone who is pouring into their lives and impacting them for Christ.  Tom McGough’s messages really seemed to hit home with a lot of students.

Every group that joined us for the weekend was a returning group from previous years.  It was really nice to see all of those “old friends” again at the Teen Quest Ranch.  It is a great gift to see God work in teenagers’ and adults’ lives.


Liberty Grove United Methodist (Burtonsville, MD)’

Grace Baptist Church (Tyrone, PA)

Capital Baptist Church (Annandale, VA)

Riverdale Baptist (Roanoake, VA)

Monroeville United Methodist (Monroeville, PA)


What a weekend!

2014 is going to be amazing!

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The Best (& only sleep away camp) I’ve been to. I’m giving you a 100/100 A+ for everything.I will defiantly return. Dunken & Ebony were precious & loved sharing ice cream with me. Paintball was super hardcore. The horses were majestic and all activities were extremely fun. River, and Shaun, & Brian(I think that’s his name)”SORRY” were a great trio. Their funniness reached every bone in my body. :):):):):):):) I was there this weekend. from 2-19/2-21. On the way home everyone was so tired we slept the hold ride home. Not one person was awake. Great Job pooping us out. I didn’t go to school the next day. Thank You. You’ve changed my life for eternity. Which is how long I’ll get to be with Jesus. Since you showed me it’s good to follow him.

Don’t know how I missed your comment this long, Kaitlyn. Thanks for letting us know how much fun
you had at Snow Camp. We always get excited to hear you are living for Jesus. Keep
close to Him and tell your friends about Him. Bring them with you when you come next
time so we can “poop” them out too.

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