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Skydiving with Jesus, A Journey from Fear to Faith. . .by Josh Knipple and Chad Brown is a great tool for your daily walk with God. Cool enough for teens but adults get a lot out of this 31 day devotional too. Here’s a sampling of what each day deals with, topics like: who is God, what to do if your friend has betrayed you, dating, friendships, making good choices and what you should do if you have a past. Josh and Chad are dedicated in their desire to share how YOU can passionately pursue Christ’s purpose for yourself.

Excerpts from the book:

“Being Spirit-led is about being so close to Jesus that when you know a moment or thought isn’t what God wants you to do, His strength is enough to guide you through or away.”

“…there will be times as you go through the rest of your life and choose to take radical, crazy steps for Jesus that you might trip and fall. Get back up and pick up your head, knowing the truth that God still loves you. That is grace.”

If you are looking for a devotional that will lead you in a journey of faith to overcome fear, this is a great one.

Finding what’s important and how to incorporate God’s Word into one’s life is especially a great need in teens’ lives today. Isn’t it important to us all? Make sure to get your copy today of this awesome devotional!

Josh and Chad are regular speakers at our Teen Quest camps throughout the year. Check us out and sign up for a great weekend or week of fun and a lot of learning about Jesus.

Call 814.444.9500 and we’ll fill you in on details.

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Skydiving with Jesus, A Journey from Fear to Faith

By Chad Brown Josh Knipple

ISBN 9781979733595

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