My Experiences With Short Term Mission Trips

The first time I read about Paul’s great missionary journeys I wanted to take part in missions. As an adult I took my first of many short term mission trips with students to Canada, then Mexico, Germany, England, Jamaica, Cost Rica and places in the states such as Salt Lake City, New Mexico, Lebanon PA and Southern California. Every one of these trips has helped my spiritual growth and every trip made an impact on the people.  Students from every mission group I have taken on mission trips have come home with a different attitude toward missions. I love the mission work God has called me to do.

Have The Correct Motive

When we were in Jamaica and Costa Rica we experienced cold showers, challenging accommodations and food we were not familiar with. When students are out of their comfort zone they begin to realize the challenges of missions. When a group of teenagers go on a mission trip and get their hands dirty for God they become strong in their purpose of helping the poor and reaching the lost. They may go on a trip with the wrong motive, but when God gets a hold of them they come home realizing God is much bigger than they imagined.

Adopt A Country

When our two sons were young we put a map of the world on our family room wall to show the world is our mission. We began to pinpoint missionaries we were praying for and supporting as a family.  I like to challenge believers to place a map of the world on their wall to show the world as our mission field. Please find a country on a world map for whom that you can adopt and pray. Spend time learning about that country.  Find a missionary in that country, give to the missionary in that country, and plan a mission trip to that country.  Adopting a country will really help you to think globally and biblically.

How Teen Quest Can Help

Teen Quest is a mission organization committed in taking youth groups, students, and adults on short term mission trips both here in the U.S. and around the world. Students start by coming to the Teen Quest Ranch in Somerset PA. They are trained in evangelism, music and drama. They are also taught how to do work projects such as cleaning, painting, building and repairing.  There are many organizations you can tie into, but Teen Quest has some unique opportunities for summer missions you need to seriously look at. . .   inner city Johnstown PA , Rural Somerset County and San Jose, Costa Rica.   A Teen Quest mission trip prepares you for evangelism, as you engage on work team and a ministry team.  Teen Quest gives you a well-rounded experience and training. Our staff of youth specialists will help  prepare you and your students for your mission trip.

Make The Call

Simply call the Teen Quest hotline and talk with our friendly staff to book your youth group mission trip this coming summer:    1-800-288-8336 or email us at quest@teenquest.org.

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