Riverdale Presbyterian Church – Snow Camp

Sledding at Snow Camp

Transcription of Interview

BJ Moore is the youth pastor at Riverdale Presbyterian Church, in Moon Township, Pa.

We’re [Riverdale youth] here at Teen Quest Snow Camp. I just want to tell you all, this is a great event a great place to bring your teenagers. I’ve been doing this for two years now and the teens that came last year couldn’t say enough good about the program here. We brought several more [teenagers] this year.

What I love about Teen Quest is it meets what the kids are looking for, its adventure and activity and there’s always something for them to do. But there’s also a deep spiritual dimension here. The rallies are full of worship and the speakers have so much great information to impart in the kids about Jesus Christ. I’ve just found that wonderful.

For me as a leader I didn’t have a lot of prep to do. Basically, I had to get the kids signed up, get the permission forms and things, get them transported here and of courses provided some chaperones, that kind of thing. But it’s not the type of weekend where I have to spend hours and hours and hours of work preparing lesson plans and whatever. That’s all done for me. Teen Quest takes care of making sure my kids were safe. They have good folks that know what their doing.

A camper climbing the climbing wall at Snow Camp

Even the meals are really well planned and are healthy. The kids eat well while they’re here. The accommodations are clean and the facility is just really nice.

I can’t encourage you enough to give Teen Quest a try.

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