Revolution in World Missions [BOOK REVIEW]


Revolution In World Missions Book ReviewDr, Yohannan founded and directs Gospel for Asia in the heart of the 10/40 window.

This book is filled with stories of redemption and great statistics to give the reader a view into what God is doing among the lost who have never heard the Gospel.

This is a book that tells how no matter how man has tried to wipe out Christianity, it still thrives today and is growing stronger. Mission work in Asia has been taken over almost entirely by indigenous missionaries since Western missionaries are no longer welcome in these countries.

These are their stories.

You’ll read about evangelists who travel through unreached villages of Asia, sharing God’s Word in sometimes very difficult situations. There are stories of demon   possession, evangelists being beat for their faith, others losing their lives for Christ’s sake and former Hindu priests now preaching the Gospel of Christ.

Reading Revolution in World Missions can radically change your life. It gave me a deeper yearning to see the world won for Christ.

You’ll be confronted to re-assess the life of comfort you lead as a Christian living in the Western world.

What better way to acquire knowledge of missions in the 10/40 window than to hear from those who are actually on the field.

This book inspires and challenges us to become involved in the support of the indigenous work that is taking place around the world today. Revival is happening!

Dr. Yohannan has written several other books including The Road to Reality, Why the World Waits, Living in the Light of Eternity, and Reflecting His Image. Great reads!

There is still a great need for all mission work today. The time is short and there are many who   have not heard, even in our own country.

Teen Quest hosts short-term missions trips for youth groups in order to enable them to see missions first-hand and to acquire a deep desire to support missions even if they are not called vocationally.

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Have you read Revolution In World Missions? What ideas did you take away from the book? Leave a comment below.

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Love this book!!!!

Glad you like it too. We love missions here at TQ!

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