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The kids are excited about being out of school. . . for the first week.

Sounds increase in the house during the second week of summer. Fighting and arguing among your precious ones commences and you are ready to tear your hair out. Over and over, you hear, “I’m bored.”

Here are ten tips on making this the best summer you have ever experienced. It might take a little planning and executing these ideas but it will be well worth it. You can keep sanity in your home and enrich your children’s lives while strengthening your family. Get the kids involved in making a calendar of what you will do during this summer. Don’t worry about the details and if things don’t go as planned, sit back and laugh as a family.


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Debbi Witt is a mother, grandmother and the Camp Director for Teen Quest Camps. She has been in youth ministry for over 40 years and has been involved in organized camping for over 48 years. Debbi and her husband, Mark founded Teen Quest in 1976 to reach a world of children and Teens. Teen Quest now ministers to thousands of students each year. Mark & Debbi have two grown up boys and six grandchildren. You can email Debbi at

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