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Jesus gave us the great commission found in Matt 18:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” We have a responsibility to fulfill this commission by praying, giving, and going to win the world for Christ.

The following example will help one understand what kind of shape our world is in.  Remember Jesus loves and died for the entire World according to John 3:16.

Let’s reduce the World to a village of just 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same.  The world would look like this:

  • 60 Asians  
  • 12 Europeans 
  •   8 Latin Americans
  •   5 from USA and Canada   
  •   1 from South Pacific
  • 14 Africans 
  • 49 would be female  
  • 51 would be male
  • 82 would be non-white
  • 18 white
  • 32% of the World’s wealth would be in the hands of only 5 people and all 5 would be U.S. citizens   
  • 80 would live in substandard housing
  • 24 would not have electricity
  • 33 would not have access to safe water
  • 67 would not be able to read
  • 50 would suffer from malnutrition
  •   1  near death and 1 would be near birth
  •   1 would have a college education
  •  7 would have internet access 
  • 67 would be non-Christian
  • 33 would be Christian (and much less would be born-again)

I hope this changes your perspective about the World Christ died for?

ROUND UP  MAY 29, 2010

You and your family are invited to the Teen Quest Annual Round-Up held at the beautiful 140 acre Teen Quest Ranch in Somerset County on Saturday, May 29, 2010 from 1pm till 7pm.

 Bring your fishing pole, cowboy hat and hiking shoes and enjoy the day at the Ranch.  Your entire family will enjoy our complimetery mountain boards, archery, basketball, climbing wall, skate park, fishing, boating and hiking.  You can play paintball, ride horses, and drive go-carts for only  $15pp whether you do one or all of them all afternoon.  

At the end of the day enjoy a complimentary dinner on the grounds. For more info please call Teen Quest  814-444-9500 



  •         Tractor with front loader
  •         Hay Wagon
  •         Painters to paint TQ Barn and Cabins
  •        Volunteers to work at the Ranch this summer



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mark & Debbi Witt- Directors

 This summer we are expecting God to do some amazing things with teenagers, pre-teens and families during our summer camping season.  Since moving to the Teen Quest Ranch in 2001 we have spent countless hours building our summer program and the facilities to  accommodate teens, pre-teens, and families.

 We hold day camps, mission camps, family camps, teen camps and even camps for pre-schoolers.  

When it comes to teenagers, we love to provide lots of activities and then preach hard to them from the Word of God. We bring  dynamic youth speakers and worship leaders. Students love to be challenged and love to learn from the word of God. 

We believe “the Word of God does the work of God”.  Our goal is to win them to Christ, build them in the faith through Christian training and send them to do ministry and missions. We now have a camp for any age group, so why not pick up the phone and call and challenge your family to be a part of  the best summer ever.                                                                                                                                          Call for your free summer camp brochure 814-444-9500 or



Help us build our new cabin at the Teen Quest Ranch!  We have the land…we have the permits… we have some volunteers.  We need about $30,000 to build our new cabin at the Ranch that will accommodate 44 additional students. Help us build this very important building before our permit runs out November of this year. 





 This August we are beginning a brand new ministry to families called Family Camp at the Teen Quest Ranch.

Each family may stay in one of our cabins, a tent, or RV spending the entire week or weekend of August 1-8.  Family Camp  includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner and activities such as paintball, horses, mountain boards, go-carts, boating, fishing, our skate park, climbing wall, archery, trampoline, driving range, hiking trails, game room, snack shop and more.  We also have a dynamic family speaker and Bible classes for children.  We want you to feel the freedom to come and go as you please. 

Bring your immediate family for one low, insane price of just $225. (or $90 per person)  You will never find this low price anywhere for your family.

What an incredible opportunity for your entire family to connect, have fun and be spiritually challenged.


  • “Mission Adventure” camps June 13-26
  • Teen & kids camps June 30 – July 31
  • Family Camp & Music Drama Camp Aug 1-8

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