Ready ~ Set ~ Date: Preparing your Teen for this Life Event

Dating – Wow!   I remember as a young girl being so excited about one day being able to date. My parents were wise in teaching me about not only who to date, but what kind of friends to choose.

Sex Principles applied to dating begins with knowing what a good friend looks like. Those principles should be taught when our kids are young.

1.  Encourage your son or daughter to hang out with groups of friends; they don’t  want to isolate themselves. It’s more fun in a group with no pressure and so much more enriching.

2.  While they are young, encourage your children to pick great friends. When they begin dating it will be a much easier transition to showing them who to date. Church youth groups are a fantastic place to meet friends. I’m not so naïve to believe every student in your son’s youth group is totally focused on God, but it’s a good starting place to finding friends of either gender.

3.  Encourage your children to hang out with friends who don’t demand their way or hurt them in any way.

4.  Establish the fact that your daughter was created by God and has much worth. She should never allow anyone to misuse her. That goes for guys also.   Abuse is a serious problem among our teens.   Your teen needs to know she/he is special to you and to God.  No one should be allowed to abuse them in any way.   Teach them to choose wisely who they will allow to be part of their life.

5.  Teach your sons how to treat a lady . . . a lost art. Teach them to protect a girl beginning with mom and their sisters. Dad needs to be the example of a loving husband who cares for his wife and his daughters and treats them well.

There is so much to do to prepare your teen for dating.   Take it seriously and begin young.







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