0011 Teen Quest Live Podcast – Why the Local Church ?

The church has been around a long time and millions of people all over America still attend this biblical institution called the Church.
Hey, what’s the best kind of church for your kids? How many keep our children interested in the Church? Is church attendance really necessary?

Listen to the conversation of Mark Witt of Teen Quest with Bill Blackford, long time youth pastor of Grace Baptist church, located in Washington DC on ‘Why the Local Church?’

Highlights of the talk.
Team approach towards building the church
What keeps them coming to Teen Quest faithfully every winter, many summers.
Things that keep kids away from the church
Is church relevant today to a lot of people?
Why is local church important to get teenagers involved in the local church.
What does a good church look like? What’s a great youth group?
How a parent or grandparent help a teenager go to church on a Sunday Morning

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