How to get your kids, your family and your friends to think globally for CHRIST

Missionaries at work
Jason: Matthew 28: 19 is called the Great Mission. Jesus says to the believers, Go into all the world and preach the gospel. Do you have the desire to see people from other cultures come to know Christ?
Mark: Jason, I’ve never been more excited about reaching the world for Christ as I am today, as an example, here at TeenQuest we have an opportunity not only to send kids on a mission field throughout the year, but we have an opportunity for the mission field to come to us.
It’s pretty exciting, Jerry, a high school principal in China, brought us a group of students about 2 years ago to the TeenQuest ranch. He wanted to come for a couple of days, see what it was like and said I want my kids to come to all your meetings. You know, in our meetings at the TeenQuest ranch, we preach the gospel. We share Christ with people; we don’t make any apologies for that. So, Jerry brings his kids, they spend a couple of days with us and of course we share the gospel. Some of the Chinese kids came to know the Lord. Well, Jerry the Principal, he didn’t know Christ. He comes from an atheistic type home, and he didn’t know Christ, but throughout that year, a friend of mine that worked with Jerry, had an opportunity to lead Jerry to the Lord. He even gave his testimony several months later.
And, Jerry came back the 2nd year which was last year, bringing his kids to the camp, and we brought him, as a new believer, and more of his kids came to Christ. Well, guess what, this summer once again, Jerry is bringing 36 of kids directly from China, they’re going to come to the TeenQuest ranch, and they’re going to hear the gospel, many of them for the very 1st time. Pray for Jerry, pray for TeenQuest as we reach out. That’s what I call mission, reaching the world globally.
Since 1976, TeenQuest has been reaching kids for Christ. And this Summer, we’re going to reach out to families in the city of Johnstown the poorest city in Pennsylvania, and we’re gonna help these poor folks, fix paint, repair, we’ll be ministering in the nursing homes, children’s homes. These are mission opportunities and these kids will come from various parts of the United States, are going to have great opportunities to learn all about missions.
A lot of people are so oblivious to the things of the world, what’s happening and we gotto get more focused on globalism. 

Teaching and training our families to think more globally

Jason: How do we get go about that? Teaching and training our families, our relatives, our kids and students to think more globally. That’s the question.
Mark: You know it’s interesting. We have more tools today, than we’ve ever had.
For instance, the Internet, it’s a great tool that can be used for the Glory of God.
It used to be a missionary would take a month or two to communicate with other missionaries through letters. Today, you can instantly communicate to missionaries. We have the tools today that we never had before. For instance, almost every morning I receive a call from John Wesley. He’s a Christian Indian guy, he’s helping me with some projects and we talk about India America, we even pray together. What an opportunity for me to think globally about India, because it’s a country that really needs the Lord.
Here’s a couple of practical ideas help families think more globally and get kids to think more globally. We need to talk about the world. Talk about what’s happening. As you said a moment ago, Matthew 28 for Christians, we’re to go to the world and make disciples. How do we do that? We can begin to pray for the world, think about the world, may be give to missionaries around the world.
Here’s a great practical idea. I challenge you today, to put a Map of the world on your wall.
I challenge you to get your kids, get your family, adopt one of those countries, begin to study about that country, pray about that country, begin to find a missionary that lives in that country.
Mission trips will impact you greatly in reaching out  the world for Christ.

Missionaries at work

Jason: Absolutely ! I can remember, as a kid, had the opportunity to go on several mission trips, and one of them that sticks out is, I was a senior at high school, went to Jamaica, Montego. We got the opportunity to do drama for them, and we also got the experience of building a house with a family in need. We spent about a week there, 5-6 days just building this house. This was not a house that you see in America, this was a 12 x 12, dirt floor, but the experience of being there with the family and the family working alongside of, during the mission project, and the kids we gotto play soccer with, whenever it’s time to eat, and just spending time with them, and showing the Love of Christ not even through words  but through actions.
I challenge everyone listening, if you guys had a desire to go on a mission trip, make that desire to happen, push yourself to do that, it’s an experience that’ll last a lifetime, for your children and for you as a family.
You know, even going to somewhere in America, doesn’t have to be overseas, you can start out small, go somewhere overseas later on, after you experience here.
I challenge you guys to go outside of your comfort Zone, and stretch yourselves to go on a mission trip.
Mark: I’m sure that experience as a young kid, really changed your outlook on the possibility of reaching the world for Christ, probably had a great impact on your life.
Jason: Absolutely, cause we don’t understand what are the countries, like the 3rd world countries. We don’t understand, and when we get there, we see what they’re living in.
But they still have the joy, because, a lot of them are believers by the missionaries that’ve been there, you can see that the Love of Christ is Incredible in the situations. So it’s an awesome experience.
Mark: It’s also interesting that many of us that are believers, we wanna go on these mission trips, we wanna think about these kind of things, but I’m convinced, if we don’t share our faith in Christ with our neighbors, people we work with, people around us, our friends, relatives, how can we possibly be interested in things of the world. How can we possibly go out and lead the world for Christ, when we’re not even reaching our neighbors for the Lord.
Jason: We have to have that desire to do that, I think God will us the desire when we believe in Him to have that desire, We have to put our phones down, we need to put our computers away, find time to really go out and minister to our neighbors, show Love of Christ to them.
Everywhere we are at it, just be a witness through your daily life. We have to be missionaries here through your daily lives, through our waking up at morning to the time we go to bed at night.
Mark: We have to live our Christian faith. Part of missions is to live a consistent Christian life. People actually see our actions, how we react to things, more than what we say, we can share Christ but the way we live is gonna speak louder than what we haven’t said.
Jason: You can really mess up your testimony one time with getting quick to anger, or just, not showing Christ’s love through an action and people are watching, if they know you’re a Christian, they can be watching me the more.
Just live your life pleasing to God in everything you do.

Local high school campus can be one of the greatest mission fields

As Christian teenagers, should they be as Christian missionaries in the high school? But how do we go about doing that?

Mark: It’s difficult today, it’s tough. There’s so much pressure to be like anybody else, if you’re a Christian, you need to stand, sometimes you’re made fun of, and if there’s a teenager listening right now you may be made fun of.
I remember years ago Patty took her Bible to the high school, one of her best friends noticed she’s carrying a Bible and she said, ‘I didn’t know you’re a Christian Patty’, and before long couple of girls started carrying their Bibles to school and they formed a little Bible club and they began to talk about the things of the Lord. They began to have holy boldness as they were in their schools talking about the Lord.
I believe the local high school campus can be one of the greatest mission fields in all over the world.
We gotta teach our teenagers that that’s where missions begin. It begins in the high school. It begins right there where they are, right where they live.
And parents, if you’re listening right now and if you’re not being a witness at your work, places you go, you can’t expect your kids to be a witness in their schools as well.
Now, how do we get to challenge our kids to be a missionary in their school, how do we do it? Well, main schools today have Bible clubs. I believe Christian kids are again involved in a Bible club. You can do a Google search and find a club in a school that you go to or talk to your friends. I think we also need to prepare our kids and families to share their faith.
I think teenagers especially need to know to do that, and parents as well and we need to develop a target teen. I define a target a teen as somebody which you’re praying for every day, they will come to know Christ.
I think a target teen is very important because you can begin to pray for that person, and then one day you’ll get together and you have a chance to share your faith with that target teen.
Yes parents, you can make the difference in the life of your family. We need to begin to think globally, think about reaching the world for Christ, teaching our children how they can have an involvement in the things of the world.
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  • David Glassman
    Posted August 3, 2018 9:06 pm 0Likes

    I would like information on the next youth mission trip to China.

    • Debbi
      Debbi Witt
      Posted September 10, 2018 12:43 pm 0Likes

      Okay – We’ll get it off to you, David. We have been working diligently on it and it’s
      finally coming together. Next few days…..

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