0753-Teen Quest Live Podcast – Things Women Can Do to See Their Husbands Trust Christ

Many women have husbands who won’t go to church, who don’t have anything to with Christianity. They equate church with women and children and Christianity is not for them.

In today’s episode Mark gives 5 guidelines of what a wife can do to make her husband come to Christ


  • Live a consistent Christian life. How you live speak volumes of what you say.
  • Ask your husband to help in special projects as in the community such as fixing broken pipes along with other men in the church. He’ll surround himself with Godly men that he can relate to. Men relate to other strong men.
  • Appeal to your husband’s success. Do all you can do to encourage him in his job. Honestly tell him how good he is. Men love success.
  • Find a Godly couple to deal things with. Couple should have a common interest with you and your husband.
  • Pray. Believe in the power of prayer for reaching your husband for Christ.


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