0749-Teen Quest Live Podcast – How To Relate Your Commitment To Christ

So many Christians struggle with people of other faiths or cannot handle those who oppose their values or convictions. God gave some principles in His Word to become strong in our faith and know how to react to opposition and help others seeing our consistent Christian life.

In today’s episode Mark explains about 5 things we should think about when we to relate our commitment to Christ.


  • You are not your own, you are a follower of your Master- The Lord Jesus Christ
  • Don’t apologize for being a Christian, you are the king’s kid, so live like the King’s Kid
  • Don’t try to expose Sin in another person’s life, let the Holy Spirit do that kind of conviction
  • When you or your kids are put down, realize that they have the right to do things their way. They’ll respect you for not condemning them, let the Holy Spirit do the conviction
  • Key to successful friendships is being willing to have right of enemies, i.e to have friends you’ll also have enemies. Knowing what you believe and willing to stand alone is necessary for Christ


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