Physical Exercise Can Benefit Students AND Leaders

13 Reasons Exercise is Great for Teens and Youth Leaders !

The Overall Benefits of working out are huge and we need to convey that message to our students. Physical exercise gives you the ability to reduce chronic diseases such as: stroke, heart failure, diabetes and a few more.  These are greatly reduced when we exercise.

Exercise can also greatly reduce depression and the feeling of failure that some of the youth in your group might be experiencing.

Cardio helps in preventing heart failure; which, by the way is on the rise among our youth. When doing cardio, it’s important to do both warm up and cool down exercises. It helps our heart rate to get back to normal.

Just like anything in life, you’d want to warm up.  You don’t go into a race and just start giving it 100%. You need to stretch and warm up those muscles.  Stretching helps prevent injury!

Strength building is something I really enjoy the most.  I enjoy trying to lift more weight than the week before.  One thing a lot of us forget about though is, resistance training.

Great benefits to exercising on a regular basis are:

1. Keeps weight under control
2. Helps manage stress
3. Improves blood cholesterol levels
4. Prevents and manages high blood pressure
5. Boosts energy level
6. Helps in the battle to quit smoking
7. Releases tension
8. Promotes enthusiasm and optimism
9. Counters anxiety and depression
10. Helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly
11. Improves self-image
12. Increases muscle strength, increasing the ability to do other physical activities
13. Provides a way to share an activity with family and friends.

As Christians why should exercise be a priority?

A. This is the body God has given us and we should take care of it.

B. You local gym can be an open mission field.  I’ve found that because I’m part of their world they come to me with problems and concerns and I get to share Christ with them and this is just some food for thought.

Stay close to God, stay healthy and push yourself farther than you think you can!

Physical exercise is important.   Spiritual exercise is crucial.  We offer both at the Teen Quest Ranch in the beautiful Laurel Mountains in Somerset Pennsylvania.     We are open year-round and offer programming like our summer camps and missions, spring retreats called Revamp, fall retreats call Power Charge, and Snow Camps.

Contact us today and schedule your next upcoming fun and spiritual training!   814.444.9500




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