Answers To Positive Parenting by Mark S Witt

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      • Parent Teen Relationships
      • Parent Teen Communication
      • Discipline ~ God’s Way
      • Teens and Grandparents
      • Single Parenting
      • Tweenagers
      • Teens and Stress
      • Teens and Anger
      • Teens and Sex
      • Teens and Suicide


INTRODUCTION to “ANSWERS TO POSITIVE PARENTING” (By Rev Mark S Witt) Since 1976 Debbi and I have been on the cutting edge of youth ministry and we have worked with thousands of teenagers and their parents. Having two children and four grandchildren of our own we know the struggles parents and grandparents face in this ever changing society. In the last decade we have seen a dramatic shift in family values. Mothers and fathers are busy with their careers and endless activities fill every waking moment in the lives of children. Many families are broken and dysfunctional from scars of separation and divorce. Most families do not even sit down and eat a meal together. This booklet “Answers to Positive Parenting” is our addition giving short answers to many questions parents are asking. Many of the questions answered here have been addressed on our radio and television programs since 1978. Parents have expressed their appreciation for our practical advice based on biblical principles. We want to share them with you. I would like to thank my wife, Debbi for her role as a wonderful wife, godly example, and a dynamic mom and now grandmother. She has been an inspiration to me and has played a supportive role in writing and editing this material. We pray our practical answers give you a jump start in raising and loving your children and grandchildren. Yours for youth, Mark Witt Executive Director of Teen Quest