Our Religious Freedom is at Stake This Month

Our Religious Freedom is at stake this month

The Supreme Court is deciding on the case for Jack Philips, a cake baker in Colorado, who refused to make a cake to celebrate a homosexual wedding.

Jack has never refused to sell anyone a cake or cookies, he just doesn’t want to go against his religious beliefs. Jack will sell his goods to anyone: Muslims, Jews, gays, anyone, but will not create a cake that celebrates anything that goes against his religious beliefs.

Lets suppose the tables were turned…. a person comes into Jack’s bakery asking to make a cake that says, “I hate homosexuals.” Jack would refuse to make that cake as well.

He, along with thousands of Christians in this country, does not believe that Gay Marriage is Biblical and will not celebrate it.

This is a “free religious speech for all” issue. This should be a wake up call for all of us that believe in religious liberty.

If the Supreme Court comes down on the side of the Gay Rights activists and tries to force Bakers, Artists, Florists, and Pastors to celebrate homosexuality, everything will change. In fact if this happens many Christians will be forced out of business and Pastors may not be able to do weddings at all.

As Christians, we really need to pray that the Supreme Court will come down on the side of religious freedom and realize that defeating religious freedom will negatively effect all of us… even homosexuals.

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