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Join us for The Johnstown Venture
Johnstown Pennsylvania

Mission Trips with Teen Quest in the U.S. are a great way to expose teens to short-term missions and Teen Quest has a short term mission just for your students.

It’s time for the ultimate urban mission experience!
Teen Quest hosts mission trips to Johnstown Pennsylvania, the poorest city in Pennsylvania.   Our youth Mission Trips are affordable summer mission trips packed with practical acts of love and service.

You could stay at home and play video games this summer. You could hang out by the pool. You could spend your days wasting time.

Or you could join us on a short term missions trip this summer and change your world.

Share God’s Word while introducing students to a new culture within the U.S.   Johnstown, the poorest city in Pennsylvania needs those will step out of their comfort zone!

Students discover their ability to serve others outside their comfort zone, while discovering God’s call for their life.  We guarantee you will be impacted by what you experience… and it will be life altering. 

Our trips include hands-on ministry, getting dirty while renovating, painting, building and serving in order to share Christ.  You will learn drama and music to be able to introduce groups to Christ.   We teach you how to lead someone to Christ.  



Mission Trips with Teen Quest are Life Changing!

Cypress Missions brought a group of missionaries to the Teen Quest Ranch  to minister. Freddie Fiorentino, Director of Cypress Missions interviewed one of the families who ministered with us.  Following is an interview Freddie conducted with the Daniels family ~


Our Teen Quest team has been leading mission trip for over 40 years and we offer a well-rounded program, meeting the needs of the physically poor while introducing them to Jesus to meet their spiritual needs.   You’ll meet basic housing needs of low income families and you will develop relationships with the homeowner(s) and share the “why” of serving Christ!

Youth leaders will spend quality time ministering to their students while not worrying about details.  We arrange all the details for you. We plan the schedule, cook your food, and offer great accommodations for your trip at a very affordable price

Debrief at the end of the week gives opportunity for all:

1.To put together what we’ve learned in order to share with those at home

2.How to apply biblical truth to what we’ve learned during the week to our personal lives

3.Take with us an energized burden for the world. 


You will build meaningful connections as you serve people through local ministries and non-profit organizations. You will learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as you meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.   As you serve you’ll develop friendships with the people being served, with teenagers in other youth groups, with members of your own youth group, and, most importantly, with Christ.  This is open to individuals and youth groups.

Here are Some of Our Projects Teen Quest Mission Trips Include  ~

   * Providing meals to the homeless

   * Helping lead a day camp for kids

   * Organizing a home or sprucing up a dilapidated home

   * Painting a room or deep-cleaning a home

   * Working with disabled children

   * Sharing stories with a lonely elderly person in an
       assisted-living facility

   * And of course, sharing Christ’s salvation message

Your team’s acts of kindness will mean the world to the people you serve. But the impact on you will go even deeper. Spiritual growth is a top priority at all of our camps, and through meaningful worship and devotions, the lessons learned will take root in your heart.  Each day, you will enjoy meaningful worship and devotion times.  You’ll spend time with your team connecting more deeply in your Christian faith.  Programs are led by a well-trained staff and you and your group will have the chance to serve by leading parts of  worship programs, including worship music, skits, and devotions.

Youth Mission Trips Johnstown Pennsylvania PA MapInner City: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Johnstown is a city in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, 41 miles west-southwest of Altoona, Pennsylvania and 70 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Your mission trip will include helping inner city families with work projects, street ministry, and visiting schools and elderly care homes.

Our mission trips are based in Western PA – “Reaching a World in Need”
Trips begin at the Teen Quest Ranch.

Call 1-800-288-8336 for details.


Join us for
International Student Missions 
 Teen Quest Ranch

International Student Mission
Spend a week living with International students at the Teen Quest Ranch, sharing a cabin and engaging in so many fun activities with them.  You are literally a camper yourself.   It’s a totally different concept in evangelizing.
Minister internationally without leaving the states. 

Teen Quest welcomes International students into our camping weeks each summer.    We have had many international groups come to the Teen Quest Ranch “to learn about American culture”.   We expose them to American activities and American students giving them a great idea of what America is like.   While we are introducing our culture to them, we share the love of Christ.  We are not here to change their culture, but to give an understanding of who we are.   All the while we are playing and learning,  teen missionaries have the opportunity to share Christ’s love and forgiveness.   Many have come to Christ is past years and have taken what they have learned back to their countries…. often, Communist. 

You will be challenged to share your faith, and challenged to grow deeper in your walk with Christ during your camping week.  

You will receive training for your mission to your new international friends. 

At the end of your week, we will give you time to debrief. This is where you will learn how to translate what you’ve learned into practical and faith building activities back home.


Dates Reservation Fee Registration Fee Balance Place
Week 1:
June 21 – 27, 2020
$39/person $359/person Urban Johnstown, PA
Week 2:
June 28 – July 4, 2020
 $39/person $359/person Urban Johnstown, PA
Week 3:
July 12 – 18, 2020
 $39/person $359/person International Campers  at
Teen Quest Ranch
Week 4:
July 19 – 25, 2020 
 $39/person $359/person International Campers  at
Teen Quest Ranch
MIT/Apprentice   June 28 – July 25, 2020  $39/person $599/person TQ Ranch/Johnstown, PA


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We are excited about hosting various churches as our special guests. We feel privileged to have a small part in helping youth leaders with facilitation, activities, and spiritual refreshment. Teen Quest is not a church – nor will ever replace the local youth group. We respect God’s institution and seek ways to assist churches, and especially youth leaders and groups any way we can.

One of Teen Quest’s goals is to successfully partner with and support your local church. Over the years, hundreds of churches have partnered with us in ministry. We host groups from all over the Northeast.

Hosting youth groups as our camp guests is our specialty. It is our love, mission, and passion. Youth leaders all over the East Coast are excited about the quality camps we offer every summer, fall, winter, and spring.

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Parents – You can register your son or daughter to join a summer mission camp. We have spots open for students grade 6-12 to join the summer mission program.



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