On The Wings Of The Dawn [BOOK REVIEW]


On The Wings Of The Dawn Max MeyersMax Meyers fulfilled his dream of becoming a pilot at the age of 16. He took it one step further and became a missionary pilot through Mission Aviation Fellowship to the people groups in the South Pacific.

He has served as the President/CEO of Mission Aviation Fellowship and travels today,   speaking to leaders in third world countries through Development Associates International.

On the Wings of the Dawn is a compilation of Max’s years of missionary piloting. As he states, his goal is to teach valuable lessons through the stories he shares of his forty years of experience.

This book gives the reader drama while bringing laughter and tears. Max has kept a theme going throughout the book as he “brings it home” about making choices.

I was spellbound reading of Max’s missionary experiences in New Guinea. He gave me a different perspective about mission work as he tells about water skiing on a crocodile infested river to snoring so loudly that his native helpers, the Sipisipi, won’t let him sleep in fear of attracting a female crocodile.

Stories of perilous adventures (like a death-defying rescue at sea) abound while applying God’s Word to each of his experiences as a missionary pilot.

On the Wings of the Dawn is a must read for anyone who is interested in missions or is currently involved in missions. If you’re not sure about what missions is really like on a day to day basis, Max gives a great overview and wraps it up with valuable insight into God’s care for His children and His devotion to seeing the lost find Him. Max has also written Riding the Heavens.

I have co-led many of our short term missions trips with Teen Quest throughout the years, beginning in 1976. Growing up, I had a very narrow view of who missionaries are and what they actually do.

Our short-term mission trips for youth groups offer a great opportunity to experience first hand what it’s really like on the foreign or home field of missions.  Click here to download a free short term missions trip planning guide. You’ll gain a whole new perspective of what God is doing through missions throughout the world. Groups and individuals are welcome to join our Teen Quest mission teams.

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