My very rare opportunity to meet up with Vice President Pence in Somerset to ask him two questions.   

A friend and neighbor, Sue Darr, (PA State Republican Committee Member representing Somerset County) invited Debbi and me to be a part of a small group of people for a unique opportunity to meet the Vice President of the United States on Tuesday December 10, 2019 in Somerset at the Summit Diner.

Debbi and I hurried to the little diner in Somerset about nine miles from the Teen Quest Ranch and sat down waiting in anticipation for the Vice President of the United States to arrive.  We thought it would be packed, but soon realized only a very few people knew about the vice President’s arrival.  No town fathers, business executives, politicians came out, just common folks.

As we waited about 30 minutes, we could see secret service agents and police converging on the little diner. All of a sudden, a group of news reporters ran down the street and rushed into the restaurant with their cameras and microphones.  The large bus with Trump/Pence pulled up to the front of the diner.  More secret service exited the bus followed by the Vice President of the United States of America. 

A few moments later the Vice President walked into the restaurant surrounded by his secret service agents. The room swelled with all the extra people the Vice President’s entourage brought with him and a sudden enthusiastic applause broke out. 

He was so personable as he walked from table to table shaking hands, posing for pictures and sitting down with patrons.  We heard that the Vice President’s children attended a camp similar to Teen Quest here in Somerset County several years ago.

When Mr. Pence came to our table, Debbi and I had the opportunity to shake his hand and pose for a picture.  Then I asked him two questions.   “How is the president holding up during the impeachment process” and I also asked him about President Trump’s faith?    Vice President Pence told me that President Trump is holding up very well during the impeachment hearings because he is a man of faith.

How pleased we were to know the Vice President of the United States took time out of his busy schedule to visit just a few of us without any particular political agenda.   Meeting with the Vice President, having my picture taken and talking with him personally was an opportunity I will never forget.  Let’s pray for those in leadership –  Democrats, Republicans and Independents, to  follow God’s direction as they lead others in our great United States of America.   

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