I have been taking kids on mission trips for more than 40 years and find it one of the most rewarding experiences for young people and adults. When youth leaders are trained and properly equipped, they will make the mission experience even a greater one for all involved.
As a young youth pastor I led my first mission trip to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada with a group of kids from my church. We had a great experience working in the local community with a local pastor and his staff.

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Although I thought my staff was trained I soon learned that we had problems. Several days into the trip I had to send one of my young leaders home because he was just not cooperating. Had I spent more time training my leaders, I could have avoided problems on the trip. A good leader, obedient students, teachable kids and Christ centered atmosphere are the ingredients for making a great mission trip.

What Are Mission Trips?

I define a mission trip as “fulfilling the Great Commission by taking a group of believers from their comfort zone into unknown territory to do the work of the Lord through ministry (music, drama, worship etc.) teams and/or work teams”.

Why Take Mission Trips With Your Youth Group?

Before we go on a mission trip we need to ask ourselves “why are we going?”  Is our motivation to see the world, to go on a vacation, to go because our friends are going, or to go because the Church expects us to go on a mission trip?  Do we go because we have a passion to go or to go because we want to reach the world for Christ?  Some of these are good reasons to go on a mission trip, but the basic reason to go on a mission trip is because God says to go.  “…Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…”  Matt 28:19-20

How Do Mission Trips Work?

The key in making a mission trip work is to find the proper training, finding a great mission base, making Christ in the center of the trip, planning ahead, finding dedicated kids and providing good leadership for the trip. The ingredient for a great mission trip is to find committed people who really want to serve, leaders who are willing to lead and a mission base that really wants you to be involved.   Many mission bases are set up for short-term teams to participate in their mission.
A good mission base will set up opportunities for your group to go into the community and minister to folks and work on special work projects. A good mission organization is connected to the community. Teen Quest has a great set-up for mission groups to come, learn and do missions in the surrounding communities.

Teen Quest has inner city missions, local missions and missions out of the USA

In fact all your group has to do is make a phone call to Teen Quest 1-800-288-8336 and set up a date (normally in the summer- although we will work with groups any time of the year).  You’ll receive the training and preparation you need to GO.
When students join with Teen Quest, they are exposed to career missionaries who teach students all about missionary work. Short-term missionaries learn music and drama during  mornings and engage in work projects in the inner city or in the local community in the afternoons.
Several nights we are set up to take ministry teams into nursing homes, children’s homes and many other places. Groups that travel with us out of the USA begin their training at Teen Quest and are sent with representatives from our staff to the oversees mission.
Later, they return to Teen Quest to debrief and talk about their experience. Every summer we are committed to training students to do mission work. We believe missions is close to the heart of God.
If you want to know first-hand of how to do mission work, call us at Teen Quest and we will set you up for an experience of a lifetime at a very affordable price. Even if your church does not have adult leaders available,  you can send your students on Teen Quest mission trips and our counselors will take them under our wings for a week and give them an experience they will never forget.


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