Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas For Youth Groups

So you feel God is calling you to go on short term mission trips?

I’d like to share several mission trip fundraising ideas that can help you get the money together for your youth group.


God has shown you where to go, who to go with and when to go. Now you are to the hard part. You have to do mission trip fundraising. Let’s say this particular trip is going to be $1200. There are several ways to raise the funds needed for your mission trip. Or, you can just give up now and not answer God’s call.

Two Ways To Do Mission Trip Fundraising

You can get a job and work hard to earn the $1200 which is very commendable. Hard work is always good. There are many fast food chains available. They would be more than happy to employ you.

Grass mowing and snow removal are a way to make a buck. But there is something missing with these methods. McDonalds and a lot of those people owning those yards and driveways most likely will not be praying for you while you are on the field.

They will not have any part in what is happening in your area of ministry. You will earn your money and go on your way, pay for your trip, your trip will happen and that will be the end of it. You won’t be able to share the blessings. Your trip will not have the power of prayer backing it.

Or you can raise the money another way and possibly experience something totally new in your Christian walk…

Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas – Support Raising

Support raising gives many pause. It is merely “friend raising” and it’s one of the most exciting adventures you will pursue in your life. God can use anyone and any resources to provide for His work. You are becoming His instrument in challenging others to give to His work.

1) Raising support will give you a group of people who will pray for you

  • One of the greatest attributes of missionary support is the “family ties” you develop with the folks who give to you. Usually if someone is giving, they are also praying for you. What could be better than to have a base of friends who lift you up to the Lord in prayer as you are on the front lines of ministry?
  • Always remember your support team is your extended family, your congregation. They are the ones who really care about what you’re doing and they want to be involved through giving to you.

2) Raising support is not begging for money

  • Raising support is asking for gifts from people who want to share in reaching people for Christ.
  • Remember the giver is more blessed than the receiver. Acts 20:35 … “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

3) Raising support will show the blessings of God and His greatness

  • God will bless you as you raise support and learn to trust Him with every physical need in your life.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to totally rely on Him in every aspect of your life as you raise support.

4) Once you take this step of faith there is no turning back

  • Quitting is not an option. If you are called to be a missionary, don’t stoop to be king.
  • Discouragement has no place in the life of a missionary.

5) Realize you can raise adequate support

  • You can do it with God
  • It is just a matter of when

6) You must ask God to give you a real desire to build a team of supporters

  • You must have a positive attitude

7) Realize people are looking for a challenge and a cause

  • Help get people involved in the cause of short term missions

8) You must be aggressive

  • No room to be shy
  • You are not asking for yourself, but to join in a greater cause for the King

9) Do not discard potential supporters

  • Remember the people you think will support you WILL NOT
  • The ones you think will not support you PROBABLY WILL. God has His own plan.

10) Never go after a regular supporter of a ministry to move his/her giving from another missionary to you

  • You will hurt the other missionary

11) Support raising must be part of your life

  • Continually give new folks you meet your missionary card
  • Always talk about you being a missionary
  • Engage your family as part of the missionary process

12) Never use the word “money”

  • Use “support,” “gift,” and “contribution”
  • The word “money” adds a negative or worldly connotation

13) Plan to pray for your supporters

  • Pray for your supporters specific needs
  • Let supporters know you are praying for their needs.

Watch and see how God blesses you and others through group involvement in your mission trip. Your support will come from the King of Kings who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will bless you. You will witness miraculous giving as you trust Him.

I want to hear some of your mission trip fundraising ideas

Leave me a comment below and share some of your mission trip fundraising ideas. What works for you? What didn’t work?

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Comments (5)

I agree with you. Fundraising for a humane cause can be a painstaking process as well as a very challenging.

It’s an awesome article in favor of all the online users; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

Thanks for your comment. God bless you!

I respectfully disagree. As a middle-aged adult, I was part of an age where work WAS encouraged and recommended for youth as opposed to asking for cash. The number of cash requests we personally receive every year is overwhelming, and none of these youth are working to fund themselves. When we don’t work for things, we don’t have an appreciation for the sacrifice that is being made, and in this case, what they are asking of others. You earn the money. You ask for prayers.

Thanks for your input Jean. We totally believe in a work ethic for teens. Our STT program here at Teen Quest offers them an opportunity to serve the Lord in many capacities as they learn what missions is all about.

We, however, really believe folks will pray as they give. It offers them a blessing when they can’t “go” to the field themselves to be part of the mission outreach. It forms a strong team when people are giving and praying. Often, if those who say they are praying don’t “have skin in the game”, they don’t pray.

We never stop a teen from earning his or her way, but it’s sad to watch them not have a base of prayer as they join us on our team.

Now – if they want to come to camp, we think it’s great that they get a job and earn their way. It means so much more when they are the one who earned their camp fee. But, ministry is not fun – they are serving in very difficult situations on our trips and need that prayer cover supporters seriously give. The giver/prayer warrior is part of the blessings and are blessed too. ~ We appreciate your dialogue with us.

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