Police in Virginia recently arrested a pastor for allowing sixteen people to gather at the Lighthouse Fellowship Church on Sunday morning.  This church seats about 300 people and his sixteen people were spread safely throughout the auditorium.  Governor Northam said no to churches and yes to abortion clinics and businesses like Walmart and Lowes.  Pastor Kevin Wilson of the Lighthouse Fellowship could face a fine of $2500 and jail time.  Is this really constitutional?

When the police arrived on Palm Sunday to give the pastor the summons, the police threatened to summons every member who would attend Easter Sunday service the following week.  Since the Pastor had sixteen people rather than ten, he will be criminally charged.  Ladies and gentlemen, Governor Northam is a bully.  He is inconsistent.  This is crazy.

Now listen to this…  I just received a video that shows police officers interrupting a service by knocking on car doors at a drivein church service that a pastor put in place in the city of Greenville, Mississippi.   Pastor Scott who has pastored this church for 45 years said most of the congregation is elderly and do not have access to smart phones.  
So the folks at this church decided to be totally comply with social distancing by having an outdoor drivein service.  The mayor ordered the police to disrupt the service and ticket every member parked in the parking lot with their car windows rolled up while they listened to the service on FM radio.  Pastor Scott may go to jail for meeting in the parking lot.  
I had to go to Lowes the other day and the place was packed including the parking lot.  People were everywhere; I didn’t see any police knocking on car doors.  They didn’t knock on mine.  No police were seen going from car to car ticketing customers.

Probably 100 People or more were in the building.  People were being cautious , but no more cautious than the people of Lighthouse Fellowship and definitely not as cautious as the drivein church in Mississippi.

Why the inconsistency?  Why Walmart is open, but not the church?  You may say Walmart is essential.  I say the church is essential.  Give me a break.

Yes, I know scripture says in Romans 13, verse oneLet every person be subject to the governing authoritiesBut when our government bullies the church and practices total inconsistencies, we need to stand up for each other and fight for our freedom.

We are not talking about a church with no regard for people’s health.  We are talking about churches who are taking more precautions to protect people from the virus than Lowes or Walmart.

As one pastor recently told me… I thought we do church when we face a crises-  not run from it.

Does the church have the right to meet if they take extreme precaution as Walmart, Lowes or other places stay open?  In a town hall, Texas governor Gregg Abbott said about his state of Texas, “There was nothing specific in the Executive order about churches because there is freedom of religion here in the United States of America.”

How many more pastors will be arrested for holding church in America?  How many pastors will be bullied by their governors or their mayors?   Do we trust the managers of Walmart, but not pastors to protect the people?   
This should be a wakeup call for every person who believes in religious liberty.

That’s my view.      

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