Is Merry Christmas Back

Christmas is just around the corner and I am pleased that many businesses are now saying Merry Christmas.  I say lets bring the real meaning of Christmas back into our culture.

Unfortunately there are still retail businesses that want to push Christ out of Christmas.  The other day I received a Naughty and Nice retail list from Liberty Counsel of stores who support Christmas or push Christ out of Christmas.

I am pleased to announce that many national retail stores are now celebrating Christmas, but here is a list of major stores according to Liberty Counsel who will not even mention the word Christmas: Barnes and Noble,  Dick’s Sporting Goods, Gap inc,  J Crew Outfitters,  The limited, Old Navy, Radio Shack, Rite Aid Pharmacy  TJ Max  and Walgreens.

I don’t know why these folks will not talk about our national holiday celebration called Christmas, but maybe they feel they will offend a very small minority of the population and yet not worry about the rest of us they are offending by ignoring Christmas altogether.

May I suggest you go to their websites and wish the scrooges a Merry Christmas and encourage them come back to the Christian America we all know.

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