How To Write A Mission Trip Support Letter

A great mission trip support letter can make all the difference when you are fundraising for your youth group mission trips.

Mission Trip Support Letter Sample

Each student can reach out to his or her network and ask them to support through prayer and finances.

It is so important how you write a letter for support and what you include. The following sample missionary support letter gives instructions on how to send the letter and what needs to be included.

Our missionaries receive this instruction sheet and sample letter when preparing their support raising for their youth group mission trips.

Creating Your Mission Trip Support Letter

It is so important that your first impression to those to whom you are writing is a good one. You want to spend time writing your mission trip support letter.

Makes sure to include the following:

First paragraph – You want to succinctly introduce the mission in which God has called you. Include how you came to this decision of accepting the call Most importantly! ASK what you want your reader to do. (Stand with you in your mission by supporting you financially and prayerfully)

Body of the letter – Give a personal story of how you came to realization that you are called to go on this mission trip. Include information about the country and the people you will be ministering This is a great place to give statistics If you’re returning, tell about your previous experience Give information about the group you will be going with. Give details of who they are, how long they have been in ministry, and what you will be doing. Ask for prayer and for financial support. It’s always good to state your goal of how much you have to raise. Folks like to see your final goal.

Conclusion – Thank them ahead of time for their support.

*Our ministry includes a disclaimer that if you should not be able to go on the trip, funds will go to the general expenditures for the trip. Sign your name * A sample letter is included.

Mailing Your Missionary Support Letter

You will want to compile a list of at least 100 people.

Here are a few tips for putting together your missionary support letter for mailing.

  • A number 10 envelope for the outside envelope
  • Hand address the envelope
  • Put your name and address in the upper left corner
  • Get a number 9 envelope or smaller for the inside envelope (this is how they will send back the money)
  • This will need to be addressed to your church
  • Address your letter personally. Do not use “Dear Friend.”
  • Instead use their personal name.
  • Be sure to pray for each potential supporter as you write out their address

Sample Mission Trip Support Letter

Download a sample letter that we have used here at Teen Quest along with an entire Mission Trip Planning Kit.

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Comments (4)

Dear Debbi,
Mark and I are going on a mission trip in October. I googled “how to write a support letter” and your site came up. I’m so proud! We are going to Uganda with a few people from our church. We sponsor two kids through African Renewal Ministry so they can go to school. After doing that and praying for them, God put it on our hearts to actually GO. I’m shocked at myself. It is a God thing for sure because I certainly never pictured myself doing something like this! I just thought I’d let you know that God is STILL using you in my life….and I’m an old lady now! 😉


Awesome Joan! If you’re an old lady, what does that make me? LOL I am so glad you and Mark have this opportunity to
go to Uganda. It’s going to impact your life so much. I want to hear all about it from your support raising to the
actual trip. You go girl!!

Love Deb

Stephen Kwasike

Dear Debbi & Mark, I thank you very much for your holy calling. I have come across on your website & found how you (suport churches & pastors). I have the call of pastoring, evangelist the word of God. We have got poor, orphans, widows & needy people. We have a center where we meet and pray together the needs for others. I have not pictured my self to do this but GOD has put a burden in me to do this work. Please I request you that I know GOD is still using you in my life. I will be very happy if you are going to consider me in your daily prayers. I’m the founder of world christian evangelical ministry. Thanks.

That is absolutely awesome, Stephen. We will pray for you. Keep doing what God has told you to do. Be faithful to that calling and God will bless.

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