Four Ways To Appreciate The Youth Ministry Volunteer

A youth ministry volunteer is the backbone of most youth ministries.

youth-ministry-volunteerVolunteers need to feel they are a vital part of your organization. People volunteer their time to contribute something.

If they have a part in the actual implementation of the jobs that need to be done, they feel their contribution is worthwhile.

Even though a youth ministry volunteer provides their services for free, they require just as much training, management and supervision as paid staff.

There are three main reasons that people choose to be a youth ministry volunteer:

  1. They want to contribute to a good cause
  2. They hope to develop new skills
  3. They want to meet people and make new friends

One of the greatest challenges a your youth ministry can face is preventing friction between paid and volunteer staff.  To help avoid problems arising from unclear or overlapping responsibilities, clear job descriptions should be written out for every position on your youth ministry volunteer staff.  For many reasons, it is important to train volunteers. In order that they do the best job possible for your organization, they must know what you want from them, training is an ongoing process.

Here are some ways to to appreciate your youth ministry volunteer staff:

  1. Invite them to staff meetings
  2. Hold volunteer social events
  3. Invite them to special trainings
  4. Give out a volunteer of the year award

Do you have some ideas on honoring that special youth ministry volunteer in your group? Leave a comment below and let us know…


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