Eastern Assembly of God Church – Summer Camp

Transcription of Interview

Pastor Bobby Bledsoe from Baltimore, Maryland from Eastern Assembly of God church.

Our youth groups name is Crossfire Youth Ministries. And this is our first experience at Teen Quest in Pennsylvania and we loved it. We had the greatest time.

We had some of our kids, who were street kids who came to church for only two to three weeks, receive a scholarship to come to this [Teen Quest] program. [While at Teen Quest] they [the kids] gave their life to the Lord. They actually had their hands up worshiping God. They had not done [that] in our youth group before. But they had an encounter with God and their life was changed and because of that they were lifting their hands praising God, worshiping God. I could even tell a difference in them after they gave their heart to God last night.

Our kids had a great time. The activities were galore, my first time playing paintball, our first time in a corn maze. We absolutely had a blast I brought kids from the city out here and they loved it, I didn’t know if they would, but they loved it.

This might be our new place to have our youth retreats.

We had a blast I can’t say enough about it. The staff was great the spiritual atmosphere was awesome. And I can’t say enough about it. If you want to do your youth group a favor take the to Teen Quest its spirit filled and fun packed.

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