Do Students Have Religious Freedom in Public School ~ YOU BET!

Public school is becoming more challenging for Christian students each year.   Christian students are Biblebeing formally bullied by administrators and teachers who are not really familiar with the laws for religious freedom.

Often we allow those teaching our children to set standards of conduct when it comes to religious matters.        We’ve got to stop, think and stand for our rights.

Did you know your teen can talk about God in school?

Did you know your teen is within her legal rights to pray at school, student initiated functions or school functions off school grounds?

Did you know your teen is given 36 excused hours per school year in Pennsylvania that he can take off for religious instruction?

Did you know your graduate can pray at graduation?

It’s time we take a stand for Christ and teach our children they need to stand for Him wherever they go.

Teachers too, are allowed to talk about God and the Bible if a student initiates the conversation. I am close to a teacher who taught in public school for years and has led many children to Christ.   She just learned to take every opportunity to tell them about Christ.

We can and must teach our children to stand for Christ.

* A great resource list give understanding of religious rights in school.

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