December 2009 Update From Jason And Chelsea


In January we begin our seventh year of full time ministry with Teen Quest.  We know God cares about us in spite of personal and financial difficulties during family tragedies and tough economic times.

August of 2008, my cousin, Dan was hit by a train and killed in Arizona. On the day of Dan’s funeral, his older brother, Clark found out that he had terminal cancer.    He passed away the end of May 2009.  My grandfather had a series of strokes and went home to be with the Lord on November 2nd.  Granddad was one of our supporters and prayed for Chelsea, the girls, and me every day.  These unexpected deaths have hit our family very hard.

In addition to family tragedy, our car broke down several weeks ago costing us $1800 to fix.   Our youngest daughter Briana had to have dental surgery costing us $1000.  With all of this happening, we have found that much of our personal Teen Quest support has been not coming in.

We are asking you to join Chelsea and me for special prayer over these matters.  We definitely know that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”   Romans 8:28

Please also pray as we follow up students from two big events this fall. We are just finishing three great Power Charge weekend camps proceeded by a month of outreach ministry. In the last seven weeks we have ministered to approximately 1300 people.  We thank God that our ministry with many teenagers from the region is growing and many are getting involved and many turning to Christ.


Chelsea and I have been mentoring a group of students we call Missionaries in Training or M.I.T. s.  These students train at the Ranch on weekends and occasionally travel (as the Teen Quest Players) presenting drama in churches and schools throughout the Pittsburgh Area.  We are preparing these students to do mission work this summer and will be training them during our all winter long Snow Camp program.  It is exciting to see students hunger for the Word of God and eager to learn how to do ministry!

I have been working with a young man for almost ten years now.  He has been an M.I.T. this fall and it is amazing to see how Teen Quest has impacted his life.  He is also on fire for the Lord and is thinking of attending the Teen Quest Institute next fall!   He used to be so shy and it is awesome to see him have so much confidence in sharing his faith with other teens his own age.  He even had a huge acting role in our recent evangelistic event this past October!

The most  important part of  our ministry is our family.    Our oldest daughter Alexa is now attending kindergarten and is doing well.  Briana is enjoying her special time with mommy, but loves it when Alexa comes home from school.     Alexa and Briana love going to church on Wednesday nights to spend time with their Christian friends.

On January 3, 2008 I and my co-missionary Travis Rusko will be ordained as a pastoral missionaries for Teen Quest at West Mifflin Community Baptist Church in Pittsburgh during their morning service.  This is a special honor for us as Chelsea and I continue to serve the Lord as missionaries.

January, February, and March promise to be an opportunity to reach out to the masses through Snow Camp.  We are expecting over 1000 students this winter. They will be coming from all over the region to attend one of nine weekends at the Teen Quest Ranch. We have never been more excited about reaching students for Christ as we are today.

As you may know, Teen Quest is a youth missionary organization depending on God’s people to pray and give to sustain our mission.  Since 1976 God has raised up men and women who believe in this ministry to pray, give, and get involved.  Every ministry team staff member is asked to raise their own personal support from friends and family members.   Gifts are written to Teen Quest (for tax purposes) and are placed into a Teen Quest account earmarked for Jason and Chelsea.  Every week our paycheck comes out of that account if we have funds still available.  Unfortunately during these tough economic times our account is in the hole which makes it very difficult for us.

We believe God will raise up friends who will by faith, partner with us in reaching teenagers for Christ.

Chelsea and I would like to challenge you to join our support team. Our support team prays for our ministry on a regular basis and gives monthly.  When you join our team we will send you our monthly newsletter with updated information on how God is reaching students for Christ.  Your partnership is very important to us as we continue reaching students with the message of Christ.

Merry Christmas from Jason, Chelsea, Alexa, and Briana Witt

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