Costa Rica Mission Trip Update – June 19, 2010

Hey Everyone,

We have just experienced our first full day in Costa Rica.  We arrived
at the base late last night (around 11:00 PM).  The time change was a
bit strange.  They do not have day light savings time in Costa Rica.
For some reason we are a half hour behind the East Coast.  It’s a bit

Everyone at the Youth With A Mission base is extremely nice.  They
have about 30 people staffing the base.

Things are pretty basic here at the base.  We almost feel like we are
staying in a big tree house (except it’s not in a tree).  Last night
Brittany and I stayed in a room away from the teens, but tonight we
are staying with them.  Devin is the only other guy in our group.  His
room, which I’ll be sharing with him tonight is a small portion of a
shipping container.  Kind of like the big boxes you would see on the
back of a trailer.  We have room for a bunk bed and about 3 feet to
walk around.  The girls are in a room that is a bit larger, but they
just have basic dry wall.

Today we did a prayer race.  We had seven teams that went into Costa
Rica with an interpreter to pray for areas that represent a sphere of
influence on the culture (Economy, Media, Religion, etc.)  We had to
find our way to different areas in down town San Jose by simply asking
locals for directions through the interpreter.  San Jose is a city of
2.5 million.  Devin and his team of four had to find a soccer stadium.
Anna and Brittany’s team had to find the Central Bank of Costa Rica.
Sam’s team had to find Abundant Life Church (Vida Abundente).  My team
had to find the building for Channel 7 News.  It was a really funny
experience and it was a great way to get to see the city and talk to
the locals.

Once we found the land marks, we spoke with and prayed with people at
these landmarks.  It really made us all think about the different ways
the people of Costa Rica are being influenced.

It’s 7:19 PM Costa Rica time and we are about to go practice some
skits for the Salvation Army Church and a homeless shelter tomorrow.
Please keep us in your prayers.

God Bless,
Travis Rusko

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