Hay Wagon

  Back in September, we purchased a hay wagon to use for our fall events to give hayrides. When we first got it, the sides were super tall and it wouldn’t fit into our barn so we had to cut the top half off. We didn’t know how people would like the hay rides but they turned out to be…

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Snow Camp Promo Video

Snow Camp is almost here! We are counting down the days until we welcome our first groups of teenagers who are coming to the ranch to have a weekend of fun and fellowship in the snow. We don’t have much snow yet but we are anticipating a lot this winter! We have awesome speakers who will be sharing The Word…

Physical Exercise Can Benefit Students AND Leaders

13 Reasons Exercise is Great for Teens and Youth Leaders ! The Overall Benefits of working out are huge and we need to convey that message to our students. Physical exercise gives you the ability to reduce chronic diseases such as: stroke, heart failure, diabetes and a few more.  These are greatly reduced when we exercise. Exercise can also greatly…

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