Don’t be shocked when your child walks up to you and says  “Thank You” after a fun week. You’ll feel successful as a parent.

Summer Kids Camp for Grades 2 – 5

July 5 – 10, 2020

For Summer Teen Camp (grade 6-12) click here


Mom and dads everywhere want to see their kids grow up to be successful. You love to see your little tikes become self reliant and independent. But they are still little.

So the big question is – how do you let go of your child so they can grow into their own person – while still making sure they are taken care of?

Summer camp of course.


DATES: July 14 -19, 2019
(Pay $49 now – balance due 2 weeks before camp)

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You probably remember the good old days when you were a short person yourself. Your mom and dad packed up the family car and drove you to camp. You splashed and played and learned.

Now it’s time to do the same for your kids. Camp is the best place on earth for children to grow and develop while still under the protective care of responsible adult counselors.

We have counselors who are patient and spend time with each child one-on-one. Teen Quest Kids Camp provides the best of both worlds. A host of activities, awesome worship, and fun along with the best counselors and wonderful Bible teachers. We’ve been at this a while. Teen Quest has been hosting children at fun activity filled camps since 1979. Giving children a fun-filled and safe summer they will never forget is our specialty.

We have literally had thousands of young people “grow up” each year at our Teen Quest camps.

kids-camp-kids Just picture it – your mind is at ease as you remember your child is having the time of her life with adult supervision by her side. She is getting to know her adult counselor and the other children in her cabin. Our counselors and Bible teachers spend time focusing on manners, responsibility, new skills, and of course the Biblical truths that you are already teaching at home. It’s not done in a school sort of way – but is modeled by godly behavior and exciting spiritual lessons. Fun is really the best way to get children to learn and grow. Your son or daughter will return home with a sense of accomplishment, maturity, a good attitude and independence. We hear from parents all the time who are shocked at their child’s sudden use of “please” and “thank you” after returning from camp. Other parents are stunned when attitudes are changed and children return home obedient and helpful. Before you write us off as some military camp or something … don’t! In fact, FUN is the name of the game at Teen Quest. . . Fun mixed with solid, real, life changing Bible teaching and mature, caring, and responsible counselors.  It is a mix that has literally transformed lives of children and as a result, their families.  We make your child’s week of camp fun and exciting. Our activities will keep your child from getting bored. And we have tons of them.

Here’s a list of all our exciting activities just in case you’re keeping notes:

Call 1-800-288-TEEN to register.

2020 Kids Camp Dates Are Here:

(Please Note: Your kids can also join us for Summer Day Camp any of these weeks from 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM!)

DATES: July 5 – 10, 2020

What Other People Have To Say:

Of course we think that Teen Quest Kids Camps are the best. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what parents, Sunday school teachers, and former campers have to say:

“Just a little note to thank you for your obedience to God. Be it summer camp or Snow Camp, all [my] boys have had nothing but positive spiritual growth. My oldest son shared his testimony of salvation during his first attendance to Teen Quest approximately 7 or so years ago. I’m looking forward to many more years of Christ moving experiences not only in my children’s lives, but now my first grandson and future grandchildren God blesses us with.”

– C. R. H
Parent of 5 boy campers

So What Does This Cost?

We know that camp can be tough for families to afford . So we’ve packed our week full of activities, fun, adventure and offer it at $359. That covers your overnight stays – all your meals – and activities. This is a pretty great deal considering other camps can cost over $1000 for one week.

Call 1-800-288-TEEN to register.

Our camps do sell out and we don’t want your child to be left at home while the fun is happening in Somerset this summer.

We are hoping to have enough space to allow everyone who wants to come – but once all the spots are filled we will have to place your child on a waiting list. Basically this means that if another child is unable to come a spot will open up for you (usually at the last minute).

But there are no guarantees this will happen. And if it does there are can be a ton of other people on the waiting list in front of you.  So register today with just $49 to secure your spot.

You can lock in your spot for this summer by simply paying $49 fee now. This will guarantee you will be able to come without having to shell out the entire camp fee up front. We do ask that you pay your balance two weeks before attending your camp week.

So it’s kind of like a layaway program for summer camp. Register now and pay the balance later.

Simple right?

Remember that in order to secure your spot and get the early bird special you need to register for summer camp early. And you don’t want to get left out this summer.

So what are you waiting for? Come up to Teen Quest this summer for the Kids Camp of a lifetime.

Call 1-800-288-TEEN to register.