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We prayerfully choose speakers who challenge and connect students to His Word and worship leaders who love the Lord and engage students in attentive worship. Throughout the year Teen Quest is dedicated in recruiting the best to speak to young and old alike during camps and events at the Teen Quest Ranch. While not relying on slick sermons, funny illustrations or catchy choruses, the Truth is given in a way that is totally relevant to today’s teen while emulating Christ. Listed below are some our speakers and worship teams.

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Most people know about our world class summer and winter camps but did you know we can also help your church, youth group or ministry hold your own world class camp or retreat? We do all the cooking, cleaning, hosting and activities and you get to spend time having fun, building relationships and growing as a group!
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TQ Camps FAQs

If these don't answer your questions, please contact us.

Teen Quest is a youth mission assisting churches, communities, and families winning, equipping, and empowering students for ministry through camping, student groups, ministry teams, and global evangelism.  Mark and Debbi Witt founded Teen Quest in 1976.

We host camping year-round at the Teen Quest Ranch in the Laurel Highlands. (Somerset, Pennsylvania)   We also host mission trips and work with youth pastors in the local church.

Yes, we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

The Teen Quest Ranch is located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands in Somerset, PA, the highest elevation of Pennsylvania. We are about 3 -4 hours from Columbus, Cleveland, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.  We are 2 hours from Erie and 1 hour out of Pittsburgh.


Exit the Pennsylvania turnpike (Exit #91 Donegal) Turn left (East) onto Route 31 and proceed through the mountains for about 12 miles past Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Kooser State Park and CoGos gas station in the town of Bakersville.

After CoGo’s turn right onto Trent Road and proceed for about 2.5 miles. (You will see signs for Seven Springs and will go past the entrance to Pioneer Park campground and Laurel Hill State Park) Just past Laurel Hill State Park turn left onto Indiantown Road. (You will see our signs.)

Proceed 2.2 miles and turn left onto Rich Road. (You see our entrance sign for the Teen Quest Ranch.)

Exit the Pennsylvania turnpike (Exit #110 in Somerset) Proceed forward on turnpike road. Turn right (South) at the stop light onto North Center Avenue (601) Proceed past the court house on North Center Avenue- (601) through town…turn right (West) at the third stop light (West Main Street- Glades Pike Road and Rt 31)

Follow Route 31 for several miles. As soon as you see Oakhurst Tea Room travel about 1.5 more miles. Turn left onto Trent Road and proceed for about 2.5 miles. (You will see signs for Seven Springs and will go past the entrance to Pioneer Park Campground and Laurel Hill State Park.)

Just past Laurel Hill State Park, turn left onto Indiantown Road. (You will see our signs) Proceed 2.2 miles and turn left onto Rich Road. (You will see our entrance sign for the Teen Quest Ranch.)

Snow Camp is held at the Teen Quest Ranch which is nestled in a plateau between two mountain ridges at an altitude of 2700 feet. We are in the Pennsylvania snow belt and temperatures can reach as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. The average temperature for January and February is around 25 degrees Fahrenheit and there is almost always snow on the ground.

Teen Camp registration begins on Sunday at 4 pm.

Kids Camp registration begins on Sunday at 4 pm.

Registration begins Friday 7 pm with the first activity at 9:15 pm

We encourage parents to join us for breakfast at 9 am on Saturday for Teen Camp. Camp ends at 10 am.

We encourage parents to join us for dinner on Friday at 5:30 pm for Kids Camp. Camp ends at 6 pm.

(There is a nominal meal charge which can be paid at registration along with your reservation.)

Pick-up is at 11am on Sunday.

Teen Quest’s weekend programs are available for youth grades 6-12 and are organized by current grade level. Our weeklong camps are divided into Kids Camp, grades 2 -5 and Teen Camps, grades 6 – 12.   Weekend camps are organized by grade level for the coming fall session.

Campers stay in heated cabins with restroom facilities inside most cabins with some nearby. Most cabins are air-conditioned.

Cabins accommodate various size groups of campers. We have cabins of 8 – 32.
(We house multiple counselors with larger groups.)

At Teen Quest, the safety and security of our campers and guests is at the top of our priority list. Since 1979, God has blessed us with an excellent track record of health and safety.

Our camps are designed to create experiences that allow youth and families to connect with God in new ways, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. Campers experience one of the best times of life, learning from incredible biblical teaching, building friendships, making memories and strengthening their faith!     Your children’s safety in extremely important.

A camping program is only as good as its counselors.  Our counselors care about kids and they are committed to sharing Christ while providing a challenging, but safe environment.

They are college age or older and many have grown up through the ministry of Teen Quest.  We travel to Christian colleges, interviewing and recruiting. Counselors are screened thoroughly, giving a clear testimony of salvation in Christ.  They are dedicated to making your camper’s week safe and enjoyable. Our counselors receive in-depth staff orientation and are supported throughout the summer from our experienced leadership team.

As part of our hiring process, Teen Quest questions several adults who know the applicant and can attest to their character and integrity.   All our staff have FBI clearance and child abuse clearance.

Our programs are planned to be age appropriate.  To accept an older child in the program geared for younger campers would not be a positive experience for him/her.   Accepting a younger child in the program for older students would not meet his/her needs effectively.

Sleeping bag, pillow, towels, soap, toiletries, jacket, Bible, notebook, pen, flashlight, modest one-piece swimsuit, one set of clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting muddy.  Optional: musical instruments and props for skits, skateboard, paintball gun. You can bring your paintball gun, but your paintballs are not allowed.  Equipment for Specialty Activities: If you would like to use the skateboard ramps, you may bring your board. You may also bring your own ice skates, skis, snowboard, or sleds.

All clothing worn by campers should be modest and in good taste. In some cases, we may ask campers who are wearing questionably immodest clothing (i.e. very short shorts, tight or see-through clothing, cropped shirts, excessively low-riding jeans, etc.) to change. Please be sure camper packs appropriately.

For cold weather, think warm and pack cold. Pack: toiletries, personal items, indoor clothing, bathing suit, layers of clothes like sweaters, hats, gloves, scarf, waterproof snow boots, laundry bag, indoor slippers, towels, pillow, sleeping bag, extra blanket, heavy winter coat, moisturizing cream, lip balm, sunglasses, bible (if you have one), and notebook.

PLEASE DO NOT PACK: Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, fireworks, electronic equipment including but not limited to fans, clock radios,  IPods, and MP3 players. These items will be confiscated and returned to you before leaving camp.  In the atmosphere of a camp, campers tend to forget, lose track of, or misplace things.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Be sure your campers take home all that they brought with them to camp. We suggest you mark all of their items ahead of time. All items unclaimed at the end of each summer are donated to local charities.

We recommend extra spending money for souvenirs or snacks purchased in our Tin Spur, extra paintballs ($5 per 100), laser tag $5. Campers are encouraged to give to the offering.

Often, items don’t thoroughly dry due to humidity. We would suggest two towels for weeklong camps.

If you cancel at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the camping week,  all but the non – refundable registration fee will be refunded.  After 14 days prior to the beginning of your camping week,  you will receive credit for a future camping week within a 13 month period.

If Teen Quest makes the decision to cancel a camp or event, the customer will receive a full refund.  If the customer elects to cancel their registration and not move it to a future camp or event, our normal cancellation policy as previously stated is in force.

Disruptive Behavior: Students sent home because of disruptive behavior are not eligible for a refund, nor will they be allowed to attend additional weekends camp.

In case of illness: Your rate will be credited to a future cam p if your child is sent home because of illness during a camping session after its begun.

Should it be necessary to cancel your registration, you must contact Teen Quest in writing (letter, fax or email).

If your child left some things behind, call us at (814) 444-9500 and let us know what you have lost. We will do our best to find the item, at which time you may come and pick it up from the Ranch. We only mail items with an advance charge for postage only and will hold the items for approximately two weeks. If your camper has come with a group, please check with your leaders first. They often go through and pick up everything left and take it to your church.

We understand that for many parents, leaving your camper is a difficult thing. (Some parents get more homesick than the camper!). We encourage you to write your camper while they are at camp. Please send camper mail to:

Camper Name
c/o Teen Quest
293 Rich Road
Somerset, PA 15501

Please be sure your return address is included on the envelope should your mail arrive late. It is advised that you send snail mail no later than Wednesday of the week prior to your child’s weekend. Otherwise, they may not receive it.
Email is even better. We will print off your email and put in an envelope, giving to your camper.

Your child can certainly room with a friend. Please notify us ahead of time so we can make that happen.

This is handled on an individual basis depending on our crowds and the breakdown of cabins. Definitely, two to three friends can room together.

We welcome a parent in a volunteer position. We do, however, require a volunteer registration and state required clearances. You would not be housed with your child and would fulfill any position where there is a need.  Additional siblings accompanying you is not convenient for you or your other child.

We are sorry that they have not arrived. Sometimes they go directly into your spam folder and they are missed. We will re-send just as soon as you notify us. Please make sure to check your spam if you don’t see them in your main folder.  Release/health forms can be found on our website.

Each life-changing day at Teen Quest Camps includes morning devotional time, large and small group games and activities, free time to enjoy the recreational activities at the Ranch, exciting evening programs featuring dynamic speakers, & evening snack time. Meals are usually served 8:30am, 12pm and 5:30pm.

We have a special meeting each evening after an all-camp activity.  Staff and campers are involved together in each evening’s planned event right up to bedtime. Some examples:  Gaga ball tournaments, Xtreme Barn activities, campfires, talent shows, and game shows with camper participation.

Everyone in camp is required to be in cabins at curfew and stay in the cabin until 6 am.

Due to the short stay of our camps, we encourage you to pack enough clothing so your child does not have to do laundry as it takes away from the fun.  However, if they run out of dry, comfortable clothes, we have laundry facilities onsite. (Nominal fees apply.)

Yes, we sing Happy Birthday to your child. For weeklong camps: A birthday cake is delivered to her cabin to be shared with her cabin mates.   Weekend camps: We will sing Happy Birthday, but usually leave the celebration up to the leader who is with the camper.

Campers certainly can call home although we do not encourage it.  Many times it will increase the likelihood of homesickness.   We WILL print and distribute emails to your camper on a daily basis.

Students may have their cell, but we will ask them to turn it off during meetings and activities. If cell phone use is interfering with their camping experience, and after a warning, the counselor will hold it for them for assigned times of use.

  1. Severe Homesickness – If your child becomes homesick, we will do our best to try and keep them at camp. Most cases of homesickness pass within a day or two. However, if they become unduly homesick, we will contact you. We encourage you to remain enthusiastic about your child being at camp, even if we have to call you. Most children can remain at camp and have a great time with proper support from their parents.
  2. Health Reasons – If your child becomes injured or has an extended time of illness you will be contacted as soon as possible.
  3. Inappropriate Behavior – If your child becomes disruptive beyond the normal limits we will call you and ask to have them taken home. Please inform your child that even though they are going on vacation this does not mean they are taking a vacation from appropriate behavior.

IMPORTANT – If your child is sent home early for inappropriate behavior, they will not be allowed to attend camp again. In addition, if they are signed up for another week/weekend, you will lose the non-refundable deposit for that week/weekend as well. Please inform them of this before they come.

Be sure to bring your child’s completed health form to camp check-in.

Please send all medication in the pharmacy labeled bottles. DO NOT USE DAILY PILL BOXES. Be sure there is only enough medication for the week your child is at camp.

Scheduled medication administration times are typically after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, and before bed, unless a different specific time is required.

All medications must be turned in with the exception of fast-acting inhalers and some prescription topical acne ointments
(Please still indicate on list of use).

You must have a written physician order attached for injectable medications. This includes insulin (with sliding scale dosing if used) and growth hormone replacements.  We do not administer injections. If your child is capable of giving his/her own injections for diabetes, we allow for it.

The nearest hospital is four miles away. We also have ambulance and Life Flight service available in the area.

Our full-time staff is certified in first-aid/CPR. Medications are dispensed to campers as prescribed by your family doctor.   We treat your camper immediately for any sickness or injury.  We also contact parents immediately in the event of an accident or injury.

If a camper becomes ill or injured, every attempt will be made to contact a parent, guardian or emergency contact. If the decision is made to send a camper to a doctor, he or she will be taken to Somerset Hospital, which is about 4 miles away, via Word of Life transportation. A counselor or health center staff member will accompany the camper. Parents or guardians will need to make arrangements if payment is required at the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

You will want to make arrangements for a full time medical person to remove stitches.

Yes, we will continue to administer the antibiotics until they are finished.

Although he/she would miss out on some of the physical activities, we have exciting times in our meetings, lots of cheering opportunities and great Bible teaching which will benefit him/her.

What if a camper has special physical needs?
Please call us to discuss the specific medical need.   814.444.9500

We are a Christian camp, and therefore teach Christian values from the Bible in our camping programs and activities. We also hire mature Christian staff who we expect will model a godly lifestyle that we hope campers will want to emulate. In each camp, we will give campers the opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ and His example. However, we recognize that it is a personal choice to become a Christian and fully respect each individual’s decision. We do not force nor use scare tactics to try and make someone do something they don’t want to do.

Since Teen Quest is a non-denominational inter-denominational Christian youth mission, we do not promote a particular denomination or church. This means it is our practice to present the simple message of the Gospel as found in the Bible and teach Christian values without promoting nor condemning any denomination or church.

Our meetings are full of competition, music, dramas, games and we bring in speakers who teach from the bible.  Our meetings are part of the entire camping program.

We’ve been dishing up delicious and nourishing meals since we started our camping program in 1979. We also try to take into account the fact that some campers will not like every meal, so we offer options at each meal.

Sample Menu #1:
* Scrambled Eggs & bacon
* Hash Browns
* Cereal Bar
* Fresh fruit

Sample Menu #2
* Hot Cakes
* Sausage
* Cereal Bar
* Fresh fruit

Sample Menu #1
* Grilled Cheese
* Salad Bar
* Soup Bar
* Cookies
* PB & J (available upon request)

Sample Menu #2
* Sloppy Joes
* Soup Bar
* Salad Bar
* Chocolate pudding
* PB & J (available upon request)

Sample Menu #1
* Oven Baked Turkey
* Mashed Potatoes
* Vegetable
* Salad Bar
* Rolls
* Vanilla pudding

Sample Menu #2
* Honey baked Ham
* Potatoes au Gratin
* Vegetable
* Salad Bar
* Apple Crisp

We receive rave reviews about the food we serve. Three hearty homemade meals are served per day including all the food groups and are geared to what students like.  There is a lot of variety at each meal service with a full salad bar included each lunch and dinner.

We will be glad to email you a copy of our menu. We try our best to accommodate your child’s dietary needs. We will need you to fill out a form and sign it so we are aware of his exact dietary needs.    Due to the many students in attendance, we recommend that you pack additional items that he may eat to supplement meals.

We will be glad to email you a copy of our menu.   We try our best to accommodate your child’s dietary needs. We will need you to fill out a form and sign it so we are aware of his exact dietary needs.    Due to the many students in attendance, we recommend that you pack additional items that he may eat to supplement meals.  Nut products such as peanut butter are kept separate from other food service.

You can note any and all food allergies on the health form.  For serious allergies and special needs, you will need to ask for our Allergy Awareness Form to better inform us of your camper’s situation.   Campers with food allergies should speak with the chef upon arrival at camp so they can be aware of and avoid potential allergens. We recommend that campers with severe allergies bring their own food because we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination.   We do provide refrigeration and freezer space if needed.

A parent who has made prior arrangements in writing can pick up their child. We will not allow anyone else to take your child off the grounds who does not meet this criteria.  Please report to the office and fill out the proper forms.

Although we discourage picking up your child early, you certainly have that right. A parent who has made prior arrangements in writing can pick up their child early. We will not allow anyone else to take your child off the grounds who does not meet this criteria.  Please report to the office and fill out the proper forms.

You may use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. We accept payments online, by phone or mail.

Prices listed next to each camp include: food, lodging, and all activities unless otherwise listed. The only things that are not included are some crafts and spending money for the Tin Spur, (our snack shop). There are nominal fees for driving range, laser tag, extra paintballs.

If you cancel at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the camping week, all but the non-refundable registration fee will be refunded. After 14 days prior to the beginning of your camping week, you will receive credit for a future camping week within a 13 month period.   Students sent home because of disruptive behavior are not eligible for a refund, nor will they be allowed to attend additional weekends camp. Your rate will be credited to a future camp if your child is sent home because of illness during a camping session after its begun.  Should it be necessary to cancel your registration, you must contact Teen Quest in writing (letter, fax or email).

Due to the fact we keep our camp prices low and many qualifying students come by scholarship, we are dependent on donations to exist.  We welcome your tax-deductible donation throughout the year.  Donations can be made right here on our website. Or if you prefer, you can send a check by mail or call and donate over the phone.

Teen Quest camps has a snack shop called the Tin Spur. Your camper can purchase gifts, crafts and snack food items. They may do so with the money you have deposited into their account prior to the week they attend. We use a banking system that will allow your campers to purchase items in the Tin Spur without having to use cash. In the past we have had some problem with campers losing money. Each camper is asked to open an account at the Tin Spur. The money is deposited and works just like a real bank. They can write checks, use a “debit card,” or withdraw money.

The easiest and fastest way to deposit money in your child’s bank account is to do so before you get to the Ranch. Simply mail a Check: Simply mail a check to:

c/o Teen Quest
293 Rich Road
Somerset, PA 15501

Please be sure to identify it as bank money for your child. Please make checks payable to Teen Quest.
If you do not put bank money in prior to attending camp, you may do so on check-In day, but this will slow down your check-In process.   A 3% fee will be added to credit card deposits for the bank.

Most parents put between $35 and $100 in spending money for their campers.

You may request that the bank money be returned to you at the end of the week when you pick up your child. You may also donate the balance in your child’s camp bank account to the ministry of Teen Quest.

Yes, most certainly. We are one of the few camps that allows this. Our goal is to strengthen the local church. If a youth leader is present at camp with his students, they can all talk about what is happening and grow as a group.  During weekend camps, you will be the cabin leader for your students.  During weeklong camps, we provide counselors who stay with you and your students.

Paintball is an exciting team-building game that has become very popular in recent years. It is designed in a Speed-Ball and Capture-the-Flag format where participants tag each other with paint in order to eliminate players from the game. The way in which players tag each other is by using a paintball marker which shoots a small ball filled with biodegradable paint that bursts upon impact. Since the paintballs are potentially dangerous to the eyes, players are required to wear protective masks while playing. Campers may bring their own markers but not their own paint. Paintball is included in your camp fee along with your first 100 balls. The only additional charge will be if you want to buy more paint that is $5 for 100 paintballs.

There are several options for you as a youth pastor or leader. You will have some time set aside to spend with your youth group any way you wish. You may take this time to reflect on the current topics being talked about during your camp or you may have some key elements that will be great for your group. You may also just use this time to have fun as a group if you wish.

As a youth leader, you participate in the teens’ sessions and in their free time. Your youth group will be together with you during your camping time, and time is allotted for YP’s to give instruction.

As much as you want to be. If you want to arm yourself with a paintball gun, ride a horse, grab a hockey stick, or just relax by the fire with a cup of coffee – it is all yours!

We host X-Days in afternoons only.

If you are out of high school you may be qualified to come and serve as a counselor. Visit our Join the TQ Staff  page for more information and download staff applications.

Have a question you don’t see listed here?  Send us an email to quest@teenquest.org and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

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