Each summer since 1979 Teen Quest has welcomed students to Teen and Kid summer camps so they can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and be trained in spiritual things.
Thousands of students have been challenged to surrender to God since we began 38 years ago thanks to our “Camp Boosters.”

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The need to reach teens for Christ has never been more important

Every day American families are falling apart; drug use is growing; pornography is on the rise; promiscuity has become the norm; suicides are epidemic; teenagers are confused and are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Teen Quest is making the difference

We have a job to do… in spite of the moral challenges facing young people. A great spiritual awakening is happening among teens like we have never seen. Teenagers are hungry for answers and we have never been more excited about our summer program at the Teen Quest Ranch in Somerset Pennsylvania.
We must point them to Jesus right now while they are young! It is a well- known fact that most people, who give their lives to Christ, do so before they become adults.

Here is what Teen Quest camps challenge kids to do

  1. Introduce Christ to every camper who comes to our camps
  2. Prepare students to memorize scripture (God’s Word will help students for the rest of their life)
  3. Have campers do a daily quiet time (begin a life of personal Bible & prayer devotions with the Lord)
  4. Challenge campers to missions- (Teaching them the Great Commission & to think globally)
  5. Provide godly counselors who spend time ministering to every individual student’s needs in a safe environment.
  6. Invite great youth speakers who challenge campers to be obedient to parents, live a life separated from the world, stay sexually pure and listen to God in every area of their life.
  7. Teach campers how to walk in the Holy Spirit as we teach them how to share Christ with their friends.

When a teen or pre-teen spends a week at Teen Quest they will experience a week that will change over  their life. Unfortunately we receive requests from parents who want to send their kids to camp, but just can’t afford to send them.

“Why is your ‘Camp Booster’ support so critical?

Because we never turn kids away if they cannot pay.”

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It has always been and still is our passion and our policy to make our summer camps available to every young person who wants to attend, regardless of their ability to pay

We have established the “Camp Booster” fund as a way for friends to help young people from needy families and keep the camp affordable, making up the difference between what it costs and what students pay so they can experience the excitement and the spiritual challenge of our summer camping program Teen Quest camps create that special environment where the Word of God is clearly taught daily by Spirit-filled teachers and lived out by caring counselors and ministry team members.
I never cease to be amazed how the Spirit of God takes the Word of God and draws the hearts of young people to the One who came to give them life.

Here is how you can make the difference

Because of our desire to win students for Christ we are keeping our costs low… in fact we are one of the most financially reasonable camps around. It’s such a small investment to make in a life! Many financially needy campers come from homes where the Gospel has never been shared with them. A Camp Booster gives just $99 making a week of summer ministry camp affordable for many students. A Key Camp Booster pays $349 providing a scholarship for an underprivileged student. Please stop and pray about what God would have you do to help a student find Christ and live for Him for eternity. You can make a difference by becoming a “Camp Booster” or a “Key Camp Booster”.

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We thank you in advance for helping these kids.
Yours for youth,
Mark & Debbi Witt,
P.S. Your generous sacrificial “Camp Booster” gift of $349 (or whatever you can give) will really make the difference in the life of a camper this summer. “Camp Boosters” keep the summer camping outreach affordable and providing partial scholarship for students in need. A “Key Camp Booster” provides a scholarship gift of $349 for an underprivileged child.

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Help a kid have a chance to know God, grow in His Word and begin a life of obedience to God. We thank you in advance for becoming a “Camp Booster” and your faithful prayers. (If you already sent in a “Camp Booster” gift we thank you so much for helping).

You can also mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Teen Quest
Attn: Camp Booster
293 Rich Road
Somerset, PA 15501

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