1. Engage your camper in picking the camp he or she is interested in attending. Search out several you think would be great and display the brochures or websites for them to pursue.    Of course, the amount of their involvement in choosing would be according to their age capability.
  2. Be enthusiastic. Talk about camp.  Find out what activities and plans the camp has for your camper and keep talking about them.   Show enthusiasm even if you feel like you’re going to be sad while they are away.
  1. Go shopping together for camp “incidentals”. Although, it’s not necessary (and most camp directors cringe when they know a parent has bought a new wardrobe for camp), it would still be appropriate to go on a shopping spree to buy some things needed.   This might include those small travel size shampoos, toothpaste, conditioners, or flashlight. Be sensitive that they are still going to want to look “cool”; don’t make them pack every worn-out outfit they have in their closet.
  1. Walk through the scenario of what camp looks like. Explain that your son/daughter will be meeting new friends who will possibly become “forever”friends. Tell stories of when you were a camper.   Paint a picture of what camp is like and how much craziness and fun happens.
  1. Be ready to talk through their packing with them. If you have a younger camper, pack with him.
  1. Make sure they know they can get in touch with you if they have an emergency.
  1. Let your camper know you want her to be successful and coming home early won’t be an option. If you are excited about the experience, she will be excited and won’t look back.  This is camper success – staying the entire camping session.

Our Teen Quest camps offer your kids unforgettable, life-changing experiences!  Our goal is to build many good character traits into your child during their stay at one of our camps and most importantly, introduce them to Christ. They’ll try activities they maybe haven’t tried before and make friends from everywhere around the U.S.
We host year-round camps ~ weekends during the spring, fall and winter and week-long camps beginning with elementary ages, going through high school during the summer months.     We also host mission camps each summer!
By Debbi Witt

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