Pick up the phone today and call an elderly friend or family member

Yesterday my wife and I called her 97 year old Uncle and Aunt who live in Wichita Kansas.   We asked how they were doing- how theyre getting food and supplies.  We could have sent an email, but hearing our voices is THE next best thing to being there.  

They were both thrilled hearing our voices. 

When you make a personal phone call, it means so much to a lonely, elderly person who has nowhere to go and very little to do.   

Your simple phone call could be the best thing that happens to a someone who is shut-in.  You can  “make their day”! 

By the way – A grandparent receiving a phone call from their grandchild could put that them on top of the world. 

You may say,  What would I say to a grandparent or elderly person?  Believe me, theyre lonely and any question you ask will start a great conversation.   

I urge you to call, (not email or text)  someone who is home and lonely, a friend or family member during this Coronavirus crises.  You heard me – CALL – I know its old fashioned, but do it today… Youll not regret it.

This is Mark Witt- Director of Teen Quest

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