Behind the scenes with Angie Polyblank

Angie Polyblank

Angie Polyblank, from Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, has been the cook at Teen Quest ranch for the last 23 years.

Angie began to form a relationship with Christ when she attended a Youth for Christ camp in Canandaigua, New York. She was 14 when she accepted Christ into her life.

“I was the first person in my family to become a Christian,” Angie said.

When Angie’s son, Mark was 13, when she decided to bring him camping at Teen Quest. At that time, Glendine was the head cook at the ranch.

Recognizing that Glendine needed some help, Angie decided to volunteer two days a week. This soon turned into a full-time job.

Eventually, she and Alan [her husband] purchased a camper and resided at Teen Quest during the summer and winter camps.

Glendine ended up moving to Florida and Angie took over as the main cook.

“When its camping season, our life revolves around Teen Quest,” she said.

Angie with her sidekick Andrea

Lisa Shroyer, administrative assistant at Teen Quest, emphasized the importance of Angie’s role to the Teen Quest community.

“She is the core of the kitchen,” Shroyer said. “She works from start to finish, never leaving a stone unturned.”

Jennifer Ansell, missionary in training, is one of the many M.I.T.s who work with Angie during cleanup.

“She’s our Aunt Angie,” Ansell said. “She likes everything perfect and makes sure everything is cleaned.”

Angie enjoys the constant changes and pressures that come along with working in a kitchen.

“With Mark Witt, there’s always changes,” Angie says with a smile.

She loves Mark and Debbi Witt [founders of Teen Quest] and stands behind their organization.

But she eventually plans on retiring, to gain more time to relax and spend with her grandchildren.

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Amaris Polyblank

That’s my grandma, I love her to death and I’m super proud of her. She always took me with them for a couple weeks in the summer to help at Teen Quest. It’s a great Camp

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