8 Way to Help Your Kids Own Their Faith



We, as Christian parents want our children to know Christ and to own the faith we are passing on to them, but how do we succeed in that? Here are 8 ideas to help your children to walk with Christ and to really own their faith.


  1. Find a church that preaches salvation by faith and join as a family. Don’t wait. As soon as your children are born, they need to be part of a local church. You need to attend church as a family.   Don’t try to find the “perfect” church. There is no perfect church and they are made up of sinful people.   Church builds a Christian community that your children can belong to along with the family.
  1. Children, as they grow older should be taught Christian doctrine. This will give them a worldview according to the bible.   They need to know how to stand for their faith by studying apologetics.   You might not see this strongly taught at church, but you can certainly re-enforce this at home. There are some great books that address issues your tweens and teens will be exposed to. One excellent book is How Now Shall We Live by Charles Colson.
  1. When your tween and teen attends youth group, check it out. Games and snacks aren’t going to help your child find a true relationship with Christ. She needs to be challenged with the Word.   Speak with your youth leader respectfully and ask if there is a plan in place for spiritual growth and challenge. If it doesn’t look like change is going to take place you might have to find a ministry that will open the Word to your child.
  1. Make sure your child is being taught that the Bible IS the Word of God and doesn’t just contain words of God. The Bible is inerrant and children need to know this in order to apply it to daily life and own their faith.
  1. Begin sharing with your young children that Christ needs to be part of their life everyday of the week and not just on Sunday. They need to know that God is everywhere and goes everywhere with them.
  1. When your children are young, teach them that there is good and evil. Teach them the difference. The Bible teaches absolutes.   There are consequences to making wrong decisions and disobeying.
  1. Our children need to know that “all have sinned.”   The beauty of belonging to Jesus through faith in Christ is that all of our sins are forgiven.   Another important biblical truth – God loves all humans and “is not willing that any should perish.”   They will be less judgmental while also realizing that they, themselves are sinners saved by grace. They will more readily want to own their faith and share it with others.
  1. Don’t forget to share blessings in your personal life with your children. They need to know God is alive and working in lives around them.   This will encourage them to own the Christian faith and that God is active in the lives of those who love Him.   Point out the times when their prayers have been answered. Sometimes this passes any of us by; we don’t acknowledge God’s goodness and concern.


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Joyce D. Jackson

I have served in our church Youth and Teens Ministry since 1993. I have experienced the HIGH and low in these Ministries. We have an “AWESOME” Adult Ministry, but the Teens Ministry is at it’s very lowest. I have shared your publications with the leaders of the Teen’s Ministry. I pray through your publication, the Teens Ministry will experience GOD’S RESURRECTION POWER. I am in need of the tracts(Our kids were raised in church, but there is no true evidences. I love what I see. Desperate!!!

Hey Joyce, Thanks for your comment. We have been busy with camp and
I didn’t see this til now. We would love to help you. We will be
emailing to see how. God bless you for your concern for souls.

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